I have participated in several outreach events through the UCLA Physics and Astronomy department. I am a member of the Astronomy Live! outreach group here at UCLA. In 2013, I was trained to be an American Astronomical Society (AAS) Ambassador to promote outreach. I have also given multiple planetarium shows.

Exploring Your Universe
Every year in the fall for the past five year, I have led a team of graduate and undergraduate students to volunteer at a booth at the “Exploring Your Universe” (EYU). EYU is a free UCLA science fair open to the public of all ages. In 2011, I led a team of graduate students to design an interactive exhibition on the methods of discovering exoplanets. Specifically, the interactive models illustrate the physics principles behind different discovery methods, such as radial velocity method, transit method, and direct imaging method.

AAS Ambassador
I was trained and appointed to be an astronomy outreach ambassador by AAS in 2013. The training consisted of a series of professional-development workshops designed to improve the participants’ communication skills and effectiveness in doing outreach.

Planetarium Shows
I develop and present planetarium shows using the planetarium at UCLA. My audiences include K-12 students, college students, alumni, and general public. I have given approximately 10 shows total.

Overland Elementary's Family Math and Science Night
Astronomy Live! Observational Astronomy Workshop for High School Students
Mandarin Immersion Program, Boradway Elementary School
The Willows Community School in Culver City
The Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles, California
8th Grade Earth Science Class at John Burroughs Middle School
STAR Eco Station's Children's Earth Day
Kelly Elementary in Compton, California