I enjoy teaching and interacting with students very much. I taught/TAed classes covering multiple area, including physics, astronomy, and education (TA training seminar). I have been to numerous educational workshops/trainings. I am a firm believer of student-centered learning. My teaching style is composed of a mixture of traditional lecturing, active learning, and peer-assisted learning.

Classes Taught
Physics 495 -- Teaching College Physics; TA Training Seminar
Physics 4BL -- Physics Laboratory for Scientists and Engineers: Electricity and Magnetism

Classes TAed
Astronomy 3 Lab -- Nature of Universe
Astronomy 4 -- Black Holes and Cosmic Catastrophes
Astronomy 180 -- Astrophysics Laboratory
Physics 6A Lab -- Physics for Life Sciences Majors: Mechanics

Teaching-related Training
Preparing Future Faculty Seminars (9 months)
Teaching Assistant Consultants Central Seminar (9 months)
American Astronomical Society Ambassador Program (2 days)
Center for Astronomy Education Regional Teaching Exchange (6 hours)