Collaboration Meeting

Our supersonic project collaboration meeting will take place Monday, March 27th - Wednesday, March 29th.

Venue: UCLA's Physics and Astronomy building. The talks will take place in the 3rd-floor conference room, known as PAB 3-703. The breakfast and coffee breaks will take place on the 3rd-floor patio (or in the Astro-reading room if weather conditions are less than favorable).


Monday, March 27

Time Event/speaker Details
9:30am Breakfast and meetup
10am Introductions
10:15am Smadar Naoz The supersonic project - an overall view
10:30am William Lake SIGOs evolution and star formation
11am Yurina Nakazato H2 cooling of gravitational collapse of SIGOs with high-resolution simulationsn
11:30am discussion: the definition of a SIGO and its evolution
12:00am Lunch break Westwood or on campus
2:00pm Blakesley Burkhart Statistics of Turbulence and Star Formation
2:30pm Mike Grudić STARFORGE
3:00pm coffee break + discussion SIGOs star formation and the role of turbulence
4:00pm Breakout sessions - self-selective: (1) technical questions on running codes break - helping session for running AREPO and/or STARFORGE if needed
(2) strategic planning for the next ATP/NSF cycle

Tuesday, March 28

Time Event/speaker Details
9:30am Breakfast
10am Claire Williams DM GHOSts and their morphology/rotation
10:30am Shail Hegde A Semi-Analytic Model for High-Redshift Star Formation
11:00am Federico Marinacci Star formation and feedback/Zoom-in simulations
11:30am discussion DM GHOSts - what are they? + star formation, and feedback in the presence of the stream velocity
12:00am Lunch break Westwood or on campus
2pm Mark Vogelsberger Alternative DM models
2:30pm Stephanie O'Neil Exploring types of self-interacting dark matter in galaxy simulations, mainly Milky Way sized halos, maybe some dwarf galaxies
3pm coffee + discussion Inclusion of alternative DM models
4pm Discussion detectability (JWST) and other observational signatures

Wednesday, March 29

Time Event/speaker Details
9:30am Breakfast
10am Discussion The future of the collaboration, strategic planning for students conferences and networking
>=10:30am Discussion Proposal planning and writing session. Wrapup of the meeting

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