The Division of Astronomy and Astrophysics show and tell

Talks will take place between 11am-1pm (each talk 2m) followed by lunch on patio.

for a talk:

To sign-in for a talk, please send your (max 3) pdf slides by Sept. 24, 2pm to:
Louis Abramson: and Smadar Naoz:

Talk schedule

Time Name Title
11:00 Organizers Few words from the organizers
11:02 Jon Zink Exoplanet Demographics
11:04 Zhuo Chen Lightcurve of Sgr A* 1995-2005
11:06 Yeou Chiou The Stream Velocity Effect
11:08 Gunther Witzel IRAC Monitoring of Agr A*
11:10 Alec Vinson Near-Resonant Companions' Effects of Planetary Spins
11:12 Tommaso Treu The Invisible Universe (and those Pesky Baryons)
11:14 Michael Topping Substructure in the SSA22 Protocluster
11:16 Kevin Stahl Tracking Polarization Spots
11:18 S. Michelle Consiglio Highly Efficient Starforming Regions in the (Sub-)mm
11:20 Pauline Arriaga OSIRIS Upgrade + GPI
11:22 Peter Williams Modeling Broad Line Regions to Measure Black Hole Masses
11:24 Brittany Miles
11:26 Mike Fitzgerald IR Instrumentation
11:28 Mike Rich Pan Andromeda Archaeological Survey + HERON
11:30 Shoko Sakai The Absolute Reference Frame of the Galactic Center
11:32 Jordan Mirocha 21-cm Modeling of Early Galaxy Formation
11:34 Rick Mebane Modeling the Formation of the First Stars
11:36 Matt Buchovecky VHE Emission from the Galactic Center
11:38 Mathew Yu (Exo)Planetary System Dynamics
11:40 Charlotte Mason Modeling Reionization together with High-z Galaxies
11:42 Matt Malkan Extreme [OIII] Emitters at z ~0.5
11:44 Louis Abramson The Spatially Resolved Biographies of z > 1 Galaxies
11:46 James Larkin IR Instruments and Extragalactic Observations
11:48 Helen Kim Dusty Starforming Galaxies
11:50 Kiera Fuller High Energy Astrophysics at the South Pole
11:52 Kevin Hayakawa Simulations of the Origin of Debris Disks
11:54 Nitya Kallivayalil Near Field Cosmology
11:56 Jamie Ryan GAPS in My Resume
11:58 Isabella Goetting The Evolution of Planetary and Stellar Obliquity due to Migrating Hot Jupiters
12:00 Aurelien Hees Does Gravity Work as Expected around Supermassive Black Holes?
12:02 Daniel Gilman Lensing Substructure
12:04 Steve Furlanetto Cosmic Dawn
12:06 Ned Wright IR Asteroid Surveys from Space
12:08 Xinnan Du Evolution of the CGM in LBGs
12:10 Jean-Luc Margot Dynamics geodesy and geophysics of planets satellites and small bodies + SETI
12:12 Emily Martin Low Mass Stars and Brown Dwarfs
12:14 Paul Denham Stability of 4-Body Systems
12:16 Devin Chu Stellar Spectroscopy of the Galactic Center
12:18 Brad Hansen Theoretical Modeling of Exoplanet Structure and Evolution
12:20 Simon Birrer Strong Lensing
12:22 Ralph Bird VERITAS + High Energy Astrophysics
12:24 Smadar Naoz Dynamics is Everywhere
12:26 Bao Minh Hoang Binary Black Hole Mergers in Galactic Centers
12:28 Alexander Stephan Throwing Icebergs at White Dwarfs
12:30 Anowar Shajib Cosmology with Gravitational Lenses
12:32 Anna Ciurlo Gas at the Galactic Center
12:34 Andrea Ghez [Galactic Center AO Observations]
12:36 Alice Shapley MOSDEF: Rest-optical Spectra at High z
12:38 Adam Trapp BAaDE SiO Masers
12:40 Mark Morris
12:42 Abhimat Gautam Galactic Center Stellar Variability and Eclipsing Binaries
12:44 Veronica Dike Introducing Myself
12:46 Kelly Kosmo O'Neil Improving Estimates for Incomplete Orbits with a New Approach to Priors
12:48 Ronald Lopez [No title]
12:50 Sanaea Rose Evolution of High-mass Binary Stars
12:52 Anthony Pahl Optimizing JWST Observations for Nearby Galaxies
12:54 Arezu Dehghanfar