The Division of Astronomy and Astrophysics show and tell

Talks will take place between 3pm-5pm (each talk 2m) followed by a social event on patio.

for a talk:

To sign-in for a talk, please send your (max 3) pdf slides by Oct. 10, 2pm to:
Louis Abramson: and Smadar Naoz:

Pictures are courtesy of James Larkin

Talk schedule

Name Time Title
Organizers 15:00 Few words from the organizers
James Larkin 15:05 Infrared Instruments and Extragalactic Observations
Gunther Witzel 15:07 Variability of SgrA*
Anna Boehle 15:09 LINERs: A Class of Low Luminosity Active Galaxies Defined by Emission Line Ratios
Xinnan Du 15:11 CIII] Emission in Starforming Galaxies at z ~ 1
Matt Malkan 15:13 How Much Dust Extinction is there in Star-forming Galaxies?
Jean-Luc Margot 15:15 Dynamics Geodesy and Geophysics of Planets Satellites and Small Bodies
Aurelien Hees 15:17 Tests of General Relativity
Hilke Schlichting 15:19 Planet Formation at Home and Abroad
Kevin Stahl 15:21 HD 106906: A Binary Star A Debris Disk and a Far-Out Companion
David Jewitt 15:23 Spinning to Bits
Alexande Stephan 15:25 Hot Jupiters in Evolving Binaries
Jean Turner 15:27 Ionized and Molecular Gas near Young Super Star Clusters in Local Galaxies
Peter Williams 15:29 Reverberation Mapping of z=2.82 Lensed Quasar SDSSJ2222+2745
Abhimat Gautam 15:31 Galactic Center Eclipsing Binaries and Stellar Variability
Adam Trapp 15:33 SiO Masers in the Galactic Bulge
Ana-Maria Piso 15:35 Origins of Gas Giant Compositions
Anowar Shajib 15:37 Cosmology with Gravitational Lensing
Ariel Graykowski 15:39 A Color Survey of Irregular Satellites
Will Newman 15:41 N-Body Systems Parallelized FFTs RMHD and Bipolar FLows
Kelly Kosmo 15:43 Observable Priors
Man-To Hui 15:45 Resurrection of Phaethon
Jon Zink 15:47 Occurence Rate of Earth Analogues Using Kepler Data
Arezu Dehghanfar 15:49 Tests of General Relativity in the Center of Our Galaxy
Ben Zuckerman 15:51 The Chemical Composition of an Extrasolar Kuiper-Belt Object
Jesus Salas 15:53 Dynamical Simulations of Molecular Clouds in the Galactic Center
Louis Abramson 15:55 Connecting Data to Models of Galaxy Evolution
Ralph Bird 15:57 Veritas Observations of the Cygnus Region
Jamie Ryan 15:59 [Self Titled]
Alice Shapley 16:01 MOSDEF: Rest-Optical Spectra at High-z
Helen Kim 16:03 Physical Properties of Galaxy Evolution
Jordan Mirocha 16:05 Galaxy Evolution through 21 cm Observations
Jordan Runco 16:07 [Self Titled]
Pauline Arriaga 16:09
Michelle Consiglio 16:11 Gas and Dust in Compact Highly Efficient Starforming Regions
Andrea Ghez 16:13 The Galactic Center and Adaptive Optics
Danniel Cohen 16:15 Properties of Emission Line Galaxies in WISPS from Optical MUSE and NIR WFC3 Spectra
Dave Milewski 16:17 Two Solar System Small Bodies in Detail Using the C28 Telescope
Devin Chu 16:19 Strudying the S Star Orbits at the Galactic Center
Brad Hansen 16:21 Planet Formation and Dynamics
Mathew Yu 16:23 Advisor Wanted!
Gregory Martinez 16:25 Data Statistics Coding and a Little Science
Rick Mebane 16:27 Modeling the Formation of the First Stars
Mark Morris 16:29 Plasma Blob Ejections from V Hydrae
Anson Lam 16:31 Searching for and Characterizing WISE-Selected Obscured AGNs
Matthew Buchovecky 16:33 VHE Emission from the Galactic Center
Ryan Sanders 16:35 Galaxy Evolution with Optical Emission Lines
Michael Topping 16:37 The SSA22 Protocluster
Mike Fitzgerald 16:39 Infrared Instrumentation
Xin Wang 16:41 Precise Mapping of Metal Distributions in Star-forming Galaxies at z~1.8
Zhuo Chen 16:43 Monitoring the Variability of the Supermassive Black Hole at the Galactic Center
Tuan Do 16:45 The Origin and Evolution of Nuclear Star Clusters
Smadar Naoz 16:47 Dynamics is Everywhere