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Roger K. Ulrich

Office: PAB 3-431
Phone: (310)825-4270
Fax: (310)206-2096

Torsional Oscillation Background Image

Access to solar images dating from 1906. Lecture notes on stellar evolution and quantum mechanics. Solar spectral line profiles
The Mt. Wilson Photographic Archive contains spectroheliograms taken in the light of ionized Calcium. These provide indicators of excess solar energy output and can be used to estimate long-term solar influences on climate.

The Mount Wilson Photographic Archive Digitization Project images: raw CaK fits files for 1915-1985 and intensity calibrated files for 1961-1985 fits and some pdf files.

Simulated Rotation Movie, 4 Mbytes

Structure and Evolution of Stars -- Astronomy 272, Winter 2006
Stellar Astrophysics -- Astronomy 127, Winter 2010
Black Holes, Cosmic Catastrophies, Spring 2008 Syllabus

PhD Thesis by Tham Tran: Improving the Predictions of Solar Wind Speed
and Interplanetary Magnetic Field at the Earth

PhD Thesis by Daryl Parker: Variations in Solar Activity and Irradiance
and Their Implications for Energy Input
Into the Terrrestrial Atmosphere


Ongoing Project: The Mt. Wilson 150-foot Solar Tower Synoptic Program, System Upgrades of 1996
Cycle 24 Estimate Based on Data up to March, 2007


Updates to Supersynoptic Charts, Feb. 2009

Modeling TSI Variations Using Mt. Wilson Data


Publications in hard-to-find volumes.

Conference and Other Presentations.

Selected Publications.

Solar Seismology from Space. (Fully scanned as of 2/2005)

NiI 6768Å, Tabular Data, Explanation

FeI 6173Å

FeI 5250Å, Mean Line-of-Sight Field , Explanation

Na D Magnetograms - Potential Field Comparison

SHINE Campaign Heliographic Maps

This simulated rotation movie is based on seven spectroheliograms taken on successive days in 1925 between July 7 and July 13. It shows that many features last more than 24 hours.
1906 Ca Spectroheliogram
This simulated rotation shows the magnetic field as viewed from a position 60 degrees above the solar equator. The Solar Polar Imager mission under study by NASA would provide magnetograms from this viewing angle. This is a 5.0 MB quicktime movie file.

MDI MWO Cross-Calibration, MDI Reductions with MWO software

Algorithm comparison polar views: MWO, MDI_Stanford, MDI_UCLA

NSF Space Weather Proposal Draft

Recent Publications:

Ulrich, R.K., et al., 2002ApJS..139..259U, Mt. Wilson Synoptic Magnetic Fields (ADS Abstract), (pdf summary, 3 Mbytes)

Bastille Day 2000 Magnetic Maps Click for larger image
Ulrich, R.K., 2001ApJ...560..466U, Very Long-lived Solar Surface Velocity Waves (ADS Abstract)
Power Spectra Rotation Rates
Ulrich, R.K., 2005ApJ...620L..123U, The Solar Surface Toroidal Magnetic Field (preprint, in press, 8.7 Mbytes)
Time and Latitude dependence of the toroidal field.
Gabriel, A.H. et al., 2002A&A...390.1119G, A search for solar g modes in the GOLF data. (ADS Abstract)
Sample Power Spectrum Larger Image
Larger Image Observed Peak Frequencies

AGU Dec. 2004 Powerpoint: A presentation given at the AGU 2004 winter meeting can be downloaded. One version uses a 130Mbyte avi Movietone clip from 1930. A second version uses a 20 Mbyte avi of the movie clip. Both video clips are played from inside the powerpoint presentation.

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