Morning sessions are from 8:30 - 11:30 AM (may end earlier) with a 20-min coffee break.

Evening sessions are from 4:30 - 7:30 PM with a 20-min coffee break.

Wednesday afternoon is free , with a public lecture by Andrea Ghez in the evening, preceded by Astro-Cafe given by Dimitrios Psaltis and Daryl Haggard both at the Wheeler Opera House.

Conference dinners are at 7:45 PM on Tuesday and Thursday at the Aspen Meadows.

Registration and the Opening Reception will be held at the Aspen Center for Physics from 5:00 - 7:00 PM on Sunday evening, Feb 7.

A special poster advertisements session will take place on Wednesday with lunch (for $10), immediately following the morning talk session.

All indicated talk times include questions.

5:00-7:00pm Registration Reception

dynamics nuclear star cluster
Morning [Chair: Smadar Naoz]
8:35Tal AlexanderRelativistic loss-cone dynamics: Implications for the Galactic Center [Slides]
8:55Pau Amaro-SeoaneSculpting the Galactic Centre
9:15Xian ChenGalactic Center Dynamics and Implications for a Glorious Past of Sagittarius A* [Slides]
9:35Melvyn DaviesThe Ecology of the Galactic Center [Slides]
9:55 Coffee break
10:15Hagai Perets Evolution of nuclear stellar disks in the Galactic center and beyond
10:35Ben Bar-OrStellar Dynamics around a Massive Black Hole
10:45Danor AharonFormation and Evolution of galactic nuclei with In Situ Star Formation: TDEs, Nuclear
10:55Rainer SchoedelStellar Structure and Dynamics at the Galactic Center
11:15 Lunch and poster viewing
Binaries and Hyper-velocity stars
Afternoon [Chair: Hagai Perets]
4:30Smadar NaozMerging Binaries in the Galactic Center
4:50Fabio AntoniniDynamical solutions to Galactic center puzzles
5:10Elena Maria RossiFirst constraints from Hypervelocity stars [Slides]
5:30Reem SariHow Empty is an Empty Loss Cone
5:50 Coffee break
Stellar properties/population
6:10Jessica LuDynamics and IMF of the Milky Way\'s Young Nuclear Cluster
6:30Youjun LuThe origin of the GC S-stars, hyperveloci ty stars, GC pulsars, and hyperfast pulsars [Slides]
6:50Matthew HosekThe Dynamical Structure and Initial Mass Function of the Arches Cluster [Slides]
7:00Maryam HabibiSpectral study of S- stars in the Galactic center.
7:15Tuan Do Discovery of Low-Metallicity Stars at the Galactic Center
7:35dinner (independently)

Compact objects and exotics
Morning [Chair: Tuan Do]
8:30Steinn SigurdssonBlack hole kicks: implications for XRBs, BH binaries and high velocity stars
8:50Geoffrey BowerThe Galactic Center Pulsars
9:10Ali TaaniMonte Carlo simulation of 3-D Hamiltonian systems with dynamical interaction
9:30 Coffee break
9:50Wlodzimierz KluzniakThe 17 minute QPO from oscillations of the accretion torus [Slides]
10:10Bence KocsisLiquid crystals of stars and black holes at the centers of galaxies [Slides]
10:30 Lunch and poster viewing
G2 and Friends
Afternoon [Chair: Daryl Haggard]
4:30Stefan GillessenAn Update: The resolved tidal disruption of G2 and its streamer
4:50Breann SitarskiInfrared Excess Sources at the Galactic Center
5:10Monica Valencia-SchneiderSgrA* and its immediate vicinity
5:30Ann-Marie MadiganUsing gas clouds to probe inflow into SgrA* [Slides]
5:50 Coffee break
6:10Ruth Murray-Clay
6:30Brian MorsonyG2 and Sgr A*: A Cosmic Fizzle At The Galactic Center [Slides]
6:50Diego Calderon EspinozaClump formation through colliding stellar winds in the Galactic Centre [Slides]
7:00Mark WalkerCosmic snow clouds [Slides]
7:45group dinner

BH properties, GR and low energy emission
Morning [Chair: Stefan Gillessen]
8:30Sheperd DoelemanPhysics at the Black Hole Boundary
8:50Jonathan WeintroubThe technical road map of the Event Horizon Telescope
9:05Eric KetoA radio- frequency survey of gas in the Central Molecular Zone
9:25 Coffee break
9:45Mark Morris and Eric BecklinSgr A* variability
10:00Avery BroderickModelling the Accretion Flow of Sgr A* on Horizon Scales
10:20Dimitrios PsaltisTesting the General Relativistic No-Hair Theorem with the Event Horizon Telescope
10:40Lia MedeirosGRMHD simulations of visibility amplitude and phase vasiability of Str A*
10:50Sean ResslerObservational Consequences of Including Electron Thermodyamics in GRMHD [Slides]
11:00-11:30 Poster advertisements
Poster advertisements: Chappell, Sam; Chu, Devin; Dosopoulou, Fani; Gautam, Abhimat; Sakai, Shoko; Martinez, Gregory; Stephan, Alexander; Weissbein, Amir
No afternoon sessions
5:30pm public lecture

Morning [Chair: Avery Broderick]
8:30LIGO press conference (see also youtube link)
9:30Ilya Mandel LIGO discussion
10:00 Coffee break
10:20Andrea GhezOrbits and GR
10:40Qingjuan YuConstraining the spin of the massive black hole at the Galactic center
11:00Clifford WillIncorporatin g post- Newtonian effects in N-body dynamics
11:20Fupeng ZhangOn testing the Kerr metric in the GC via star orbits: the effects of stellar perturbations [Slides]
11:40 Lunch and poster viewing
[Chair: Mark Morris]
4:30 Stefan Gillessen GRAVITY
4:45Ilya MandelDouble tidal disruptions in galactic nuclei [Slides]
5:05Kirill LezhninSuppression of stellar tidal disruption rates by anisotropic al initial conditions
5:15Gongjie LiImplications of the eccentric Kozai-Lidov mechanism for stars surrounding supermassive black hole binary [Slides]
5:35James GuillochonUnbound Debris Streams and Remnants Resulting from the Tidal Disruption [Slides]
5:55Alessandro TraniLooking for planets and protoplanets in the Galactic center
6:10 Coffee break
Accretion and high energy emission
6:30Daryl HaggardInterpreting Sgr A*'s Most Luminous X-ray Flares [Slides]
6:50Simon Portegies ZwartThe accretion rate of the galactic center black hole
7:10Nora LuetzgendorfStellar winds near massive black holes: The case of the S-stars
7:25 discussion
7:45 Banquet

Accretion and high energy emission -cont
Morning [Chair: Jessica Lu]
8:30Mark MorrisAccretion onto Sgr A*
8:50Manichandra MorampudiModeling Black Hole Accretion Flows using Extended Magnetohy drodynamic s
9:00Joseph NeilsenA Statistical Approach to the Physics of Flares from Sgr A*
9:20 Coffee break
Star formation
9:40William LucasFuelling the Galactic Centre via infall from the Central Molecular Zone [Slides]
9:55Alessandro A. TraniFormation and dynamics of circumnuclear rings in the Galactic center
10:05Joss Bland-Hawthorn The Seyfert history of our Galaxy
10:25Betsy Mills New results from ALMA
10:35closing remarks