Nuclear star clusters around Massive Black Holes are likely the most collisional stellar systems in the universe. At the same time they are embedded in an extremely deep gravitational potential well, often probing the relativistic regime. Consequently, unique stellar dynamical processes and interactions are expected to take place. Many surprises have already been found within 0.05 pc of the black hole in the Galactic Center, including (1) the perplexing population of young stars that are isotropically distributed (S-stars) in a region that is hostile to star formation, (2) the lack of old stars in this region in which a peaked cusp of stars was expected and (3) a new class of cold stars in this same region that are two orders of magnitude larger than typical stars (e.g., G2). The implication of these is tightly linked to the gas dynamics and accretion processes that take place in the galactic center.

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