Shoko Sakai

Research Astronomer
Division of Astronomy and Astrophysics
University of California, Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA
Phone: (310) 825-6209
Fax: (310) 206-2096

Deep, Wide-Field H-alpha Survey of Nearby Galaxy Clusters Using a MOSAIC camera on the 0.9m telescope at Kitt Peak National Observatory, we have been taking H-alpha images of nearby clusters of galaxies, which are used to test, for example, the incompleteness in the local star formation rate estimated using prism surveys.

HST Key Project on Extragalactic Distance Scale:

The goal of this project is to measure the Hubble constant with a 10% accuracy. We have finally finished this project this year (2000), which started in 1984.

Tip of the Red Giant Branch as a Distance Indicator:

The brightest RGB stars turn out to be excellent distance indicators as their luminosity is very insensitive to age and metallicity. I have been exploring this method, as another probe to explore the structures and dynamics of galaxies in the Local Supercluster.



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