Deep, Wide-Field Halpha Survey of Nearby Galaxy Clusters with Rob Kennicutt (Steward Obs) and Chris Moss (Liverpool John Moore)

Using the MOSAIC Camera on the 0.9m telescope on Kitt Peak, we imaged nearby clusters of galaxies using H-alpha filters. The MOSAIC+0.9m telescope provides a unique setup where it gives a field of view of 1 degree on a side. During three runs in 1999-2001, we were able to observe 26 fields in 8 Abell clusters (A262, A347, A400, A426, A569, A779, A1367 and A1656).

We presented a poster based on our preliminary data reduction and analysis in Rome at the Spiral Disks meeting. A powerpoint file can be retrieved here.

Dwarf paper "Discovery of a Group of Star-Forming Dwarf Galaxies in Abell 1367" Finding charts, etc.... (password required)