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Research Blogs

I have tried to keep a detailed research blog for each project I've worked on. Several collaborations have been fostered via comments on my blog posts, so if you're interested in my research, or have comments / questions, please feel free to comment or e-mail me.

Click HERE to read my blog about observations of lithium in low mass stars as part of the GALEX Nearby Young Star Survey(GALNYSS; PI: David Rodriguez).

Click HERE to read my blog about my research on stellar ages in connection with the DEBRIS Project (PI: Brenda Matthews).

To give you an idea what my latest papers have been about, check out these wordclouds!

The Evolution of Debris Disks Around Solar-Type Stars:

New Members of the Octans-Near Association:

The Ages of Stars in the DEBRIS Survey:

The 2007 Outburst of GW Lib: