The UCLA Division of Astronomy and Astrophysics is committed to promoting and fostering an inclusive environment to serve our diverse community of learners. This website provides details regarding past and upcoming workshops, and a list of further resources.

If you have questions, suggestions or would like to report something please contact us.

Past diversity presentations


Date Location Presenter and title

Monday 8/31/20 3pm


DiversiTea JC: 13th movie discussion TBD

Monday 8/24/20 3pm


DiversiTea JC: Race outside academia: Veronica Dike, Helen Kim

Monday 8/17/20 3pm


DiversiTea JC: Race outside academia -  Ronald Lopez, Nick Geiser, Anshul Kogar

Monday 8/10/20 3pm


DiversiTea JC: Prop 209 - Stuart Brown, Anna Ciurlo, Elizabeth Mills

Monday 8/3/20 3pm


DiversiTea JC: Representation in Astronomy and Physics Model minority - Tuan Do, Devin Chu

Monday 7/27/20 3pm


DiversiTea JC: Representation in Astronomy and Physics AIP report - Alice Shapley, Dorsa Majidi, Kyle Ferguson, Matt Hosek

Monday 7/20/20 3pm


DiversiTea JC: Representation in Astronomy and Physics AIP report - Alice Shapley, Dorsa Majidi, Kyle Ferguson, Matt Hosek

Monday 7/13/20 3pm


DiversiTea JC: Intersectionality - Smadar Naoz, Sarah Chase

Monday 7/6/20 3pm


DiversiTea JC: Equity literacy,  - Denyz Melchor, Tony Pahl

Monday 6/29/20 3pm


DiversiTea JC: White Privilege -  Sanaea Rose, Alice Shapley,, Smadar Naoz

Monday 6/22/20 2pm


DiversiTea JC - logistics 

Tuesday 1/21/20 1pm PAB 4-330 DiversiTea: Stephanie Hamilton (Astro-Better) science communication
Thursday 1/9/20 PAB 1-434

Physics Colloquium: Elizabeth Simmons (UCSD) "Gender, Equity, Power Structures and Implicit Bias in STEM"


Tuesday 10/22/19 1pm PAB 4-330


Tuesday 11/11/19 1pm PAB 1-434

Sherard Robbins presentation (Visceral Change ) "All Aboard: Diversifying Your Hiring and Admission with All Intents and Purposes."


Tuesday 11/26/19 1pm PAB 4-330


Tuesday 5/28/19 1pm PAB 4-330

DiversiTea - community conversation

Tuesday 5/7/19 1pm PAB 4-330

DiversiTea - Dr. Nicole Cabrera Salazar "Our Complicity in the Leaky Pipeline"

Tuesday 4/30/19 1pm PAB 4-330


Tuesday 4/2/19 1pm PAB 4-330


Tuesday 2/26/19 1pm PAB 4-330 DiversiTea
Friday 1/18/19 2pm CNSI auditorium

BLINDSPOT: HIDDEN BIASES OF GOOD PEOPLE by Prof. Mahzarin Banaji, (Harvard)  implicit bias talk.

Friday 1/18/19 4pm PAB 3-703

Grad students meeting Prof. Mahzarin Banaji

Tuesday 12/4/18 1pm PAB 4-330 DiversiTea  - Stereotype threat overview with references
Tuesday 11/6/18 1pm PAB 4-330 DiversiTea 
Tuesday 10/16/18 1pm PAB 4-330  Frst DiversiTea - Reading: Income vs. College Changes and GRE scores of prize postdoctoral fellows - Sanaea Rose

Tuesday 9/27/18 1pm

PAB 4-330

Erika Nesvold: Finding Jobs Outside Academia

Tuesday 3/6/18 1pm PAB 4-330

Shanna Shaked: Mentoring in astrophysics

Tuesday 2/6/18 1pm

PAB 4-330

Jacquie Beaubien: Students' achievements workshop

Wednesday 11/8/17 

PAB 3-703

Keivan G. Stassun (Vanderbilt University, Fisk University): A Model for Dramatically Increasing Diversity at the PhD Level in Science and Engineering

Tuesday  4/11/17 PAB 4-330

Prof. Jenessa Shapiro: Implicit biases and stereotype threats

Tuesday 1/24/17

Knudsen 2-222

Dr. Patricia Tan: Strategies for Coping with Stress and Anxiety in Graduate School and Beyond (only for students and postdocs)

Tuesday  4/11/17 PAB 4-330

Prof. Jenessa Shapiro: Implicit biases and stereotype threats

Tuesday  6/23/17 PAB 4-330

Prof. Smadar Naoz: Invisible barriers

UCLA internal resources

UCLA equity, diversity, and inclusion

These websites provide information regarding resources for issues such as discrimination prevention, title IX, student affairs programs, and other resources. There are also educational links which have information about implicit bias, stereotype threat, and classroom climate. I think the discrimination prevention team could be a valuable resource because they investigate discrimination claims made by students, staff, or faculty. They also hold training to prevent discrimination and bias.

Anxiety and mental health resources
UCLA OCD Program: (310) 794-7305
UCLA Anxiety Disorders Program: (310) 794-1038
UCLA Trauma Psychiatry Service: (310) 794-1076
UCLA Child and Adolescent Program: (310) 825-0122

UCLA Anxiety Disorders Clinic

This is a possible alternative to using CAPS, which is usually very overbooked and therefore not an option for a lot of students.

CAPS workshops and trainings

CAPS resources for mental health and common concerns

This link includes resources for apps, including some about anxiety and relaxation techniques.

CAPS list of community resources

UCLA Sexual violence prevention and response:

This website outlines all of the options for filing or not filing a report and provides a list of available resources through UCLA and the surrounding community.

SACNAS at UCLA (Society for the advancement of Chicanos and Native Americans)

Women in Physics and Astronomy at UCLA

Women in Physical Sciences at UCLA (for undergrads)

External resources

Astronomy in Color (In pursuit of social justice, diversity, and excellence in astronomy)

Astronomy Allies

Women in Astronomy blog

AAS Committee for Sexual Orientation and Gender Minorities in Astronomy

AAS Committee for the Status of Minorities in Astronomy

Sexual Assault Resources: CARE

This lists reporting options, confidential resources, advocacy, and additional resources, as well as explains different forms of sexual violence and harassment.