Supersynoptic Charts -- Doppler and Magnetic, Zonal and Sectoral

The charts on this page are updates of the figures found in the publication by Ulrich and Boyden (2005ApJ...620L.123U)

Magnetic Sectoral -- The standard approximately line of sight field.

Magnetic synoptic

Magnetic Zonal -- The toroidal or East/West component of the field.

Toroidal Field

Doppler Sectoral -- The Meridional Flow.

Meridional Flow

Doppler Zonal -- The Torsional Oscillations

Torsional Oscillations

Time dependence of the Mid-Latitude and High_Latitude Toroidal Magnetic field

Mid Latitude toroidal magnetic fieldHigh Latitude Zonal Magnetic Field

The above figures are each averages of 6 latitude bands out of the 34 making up the latitude part of the toroidal field supersynoptic chart. The northern hemisphere latitude have the sign of the field changed so that both hemispheres have corresponding sign. The vertical lines denote the time of sunspot minima. Note that the toroidal field in these latitude ranges change to the direction of the following cycle approximately 18 to 24 months before the minima. Note also that this change has not definitively happened between cycle 23 and 24 for the mid latitudes and has changed for the high latitudes but is about half as strong as for the transition between cycles 22 and 23.