Presentations at Conferences and Seminars. (powerpoint format)

Ulrich, R.K. Solar Surface Dynamics, Presented at the Fall 2011 AGU, San Francisco

Ulrich, R.K., Tran, T., Boyden, J. Dynamics and Magnetics of the Solar Surface, AGU Fall 2012 Abstract# SH52C-01, San Francisco

Ulrich, R.K. Results from Helioseismology, Presented at the UCSB Institute for Theoretical Physics conference on "Solar Neutrinos, News about SNUs", Dec. 2 - 6, 1997, J.N. Bahcall, W. Haxton, P. Langacker, H. Robertson and Y. Totsuka, organizers, (Thumbnails)

Ulrich, R.K., Hoeksema, J.T., and Scherrer, P., Comparison of Cycles 22 and 23(ppt) (2.8 Mbytes), (pdf) (6.1 Mbytes) presented at the SOHO-11 conference "From Solar Min to Max: Half a Solar Cycle with SOHO" at Davos, Switzerland, March 15, 2002. (2.8 Mbytes)

Ulrich, R.K., Solar Magnetism -- Are There Long Term Trends?, Jan. 29, 2002, presented to the Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics at UCLA. (9.4 Mbytes)

Ulrich, R.K., Tran, T., Bertello, L., and Boyden, J., Mt. Wilson and MDI Magnetic field Observations, Informal Workshop, Boulder, CO, April 25, 2003