About Roger K. Ulrich

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Educational Background:

B.S., Chemistry, U.C. Berkeley, 1963.

Ph.D., Astronomy, U.C. Berkeley, 1968.

Research Interest:

Professor Ulrich is active in the study of the solar interior using theoretical and observational methods. The theoretical studies include analysis of the solar neutrino problem, theoretical helioseismology and solar atmosphere dynamics. Observational studies include the operation of the 150-foot tower on Mt. Wilson and participation in two space helioseismology experiments: GOLF and MDI on the NASA/ESA SOHO Mission.

The 150-foot tower project provides access to unique observing facilities and a unique long-term digital database of solar activity extending over two solar cycles. (Note that the background image in the box above is the torsional oscillation pattern studied at Mt. Wilson). Dr. Ulrich used the Mt. Wilson facility to make the first observation and identification of Alfven waves on the solar surface. He has also developed a method for mapping a measure of the tilt angle that the magnetic field makes with the solar surface.

Recent Award:

Recipient of the National Academy of Science 2002 Arctowski Medal for outstanding contributions to the study of solar physics and solar-terrestrial relationships.