South, K band

The following three plots are of all single, double, and triple band sources in the vicinity of the bright star:

The following two figures plot all sources before suspect ph_qual flags are removed and after suspect ph_qual flags are removed:

The following figures are ph_qual sources that have obvious residual diffraction spike sources:
All CDC sources
All CUC sources
All DDD sources
All DUC sources
All UCC sources
All UDB sources
All UDC sources
All UDD sources
All UUA sources
All UUB sources
All UUC sources
All UUD sources
All UUE sources

The figures below contain the [JHK] PSF chi2 histograms for the single- and double-band sources, where the solid lines indicate the populations that are outside the approximate residual spike areas and the dotted lines indicate the populations that are inside those areas. Not every source in theseoinside populations is actually found in a spike, but most are. The text directly above the histograms indicate the means, standard deviations, medians, and modes for these histograms, with the "outside" population's values on the left and "inside" population's values on the right.
1-band sources 2-band sources