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Astrophysics Journal Club

Astrophysics Journal Club meetings are held in Room 4-330 of the Physics and Astronomy Building from 1:00-1:50pm every Tuesday of the academic year.

Fall 2014 Schedule

Coordinators: Samantha Chappell

Oct 7
Jeff Bennett
On Teaching Science
Oct 14
Erika Nesvold
Gaps, Warps, Rings and Collisions: How Planets Interact with Debris Disks
Oct 21
Ryan Sanders

The Fate of Scattered Planets

Oct 28
Andra Stroe
Cooking a "Sausage": The Impact of Merger Shocks in Cluster Gas and Galaxy Evolution
Nov 4
Sirio Belli
Exploring the Evolution of the Red Sequence with Deep Keck Spectroscopy of 1< z <2.5 Quiescent Galaxies
Nov 11
Nov 18
Astronomy Live!
Explore Your Universe Recap
Nov 25
Alexis Popkow

Nate Ross
The LOFAR Pilot Surveys for Pulsars and Fast Radio Transits

Something About Nothing - New Results From the Search for Failed Supernovae
Dec 2
Anahita Alavi
Probing the Peak Epoch of Star Formation Rate Density (1< z <3) with Faint Lensed Star-Forming Galaxies
Dec 9
Eduardo Bañados
The Most Distant Quasars with Pan-STARRS1

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