Outreach Activities

Even though we would love to visit every school that invites us, we are a small group that can only accommodate a certain number of schools per year. Here we have gathered information so that you can perform some of our activities in your own classroom.

Check out UCLA's Physics Demo videos! These videos are meant to be used to supplement lessons in Physics and Astronomy.

Current Demos:

Image 1        Image 1       Image 1

                                                        Build-A-Comet                       Rocket Launch                 Pocket Solar System

Image 1       Image 1       Image 1

                                               Constellation Detectives            Stellar Evolution                Exoplanet Detection

Image 1       Image 1       Image 1

                                                      Solar Telescopes                 Gravity and Orbits               Mobile Planetarium

Demos Under Construction:

Image 1       Image 1       Image 1

                                                             Our Moon                  Galaxies Far and Wide               Adaptive Optics