Off-Campus Outreach Activities

One of the types of outreach we do is off-campus, which means we come and visit you! This includes astronomy based science activities and solar telescope viewing.

Off-campus workshops include:

Galaxies: Shapes, Sizes, and Distances - This workshop is an hour long (can be reduced to 30-minutes) and goes through the different types of galaxies, the distances between galaxies, and the scales of masses and numbers of galaxies. The students sort galaxies by type, build a scale model of local galaxies, and learn to identify the parts of a galaxy like the Milky Way. There is an activity sheet that have been developed for this workshop.

Stars: Our Sun and Our Stellar Neighbors - This workshop is 30-minutes long and includes solar telescopes, a description of the Sun's interior, and the different sizes, colors, and properties of stars. An activity sheet is available for this activity.

Comet Making and the Solar System - This one-hour long workshop goes over the different properties of the planets, the minor bodies of the solar system, moon phases, and a comet making activity. The comet making uses dry ice and other materials to replicate the conditions far out in the solar system. We discuss why Pluto isn't a planet anymore, the asteroid belt, the Kuiper Belt, and the Oort Cloud. Our moon phases activity takes place in a darkened room in order to allow the students to watch the phases change on a replica of the Sun-Earth-Moon system. An activity sheet is available for this activity.