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The sixth annual Exploring Your Universe event was a hit! We had over 5,500 visitors, who participated in activities, demos, talks, and planetarium shows. You can see photos of the event here! We are working on a documentary-style video about the event, which should be ready by Jan/Feb. Check back here to see that video! Thank you everyone who attended!

If you would like to know more about our outreach program at UCLA Astronomy Live! then please email us at outreach [at]

Thank you,
Astronomy Live! Outreach Coordinators

Exploring Your Universe 2014

Get ready for the most exciting day of science all year, the sixth annual Exploring Your Universe! EYU 2014 will take place on Sunday, November 16th, 2014 from 12 - 5 pm (with possible nighttime activities to follow) at UCLA's campus (see Visitor Info link above for general directions and scroll down on this page for a detailed campus map specific to this event). This event is FREE of charge to the public and FAMILY-FRIENDLY! Spread the word by joining our Facebook event, and follow EYU on Twitter with #EYU2014!

This year we have even more activities and groups than ever, including outside groups like the STAR Eco Station and Celestron. The fun for all ages includes hands-on activities and demos on dozens of science topics, workshops, faculty and graduate student talks, planetarium shows, solar telescope viewing, and much more! Click here for a schedule and list of events.

New to EYU 2014 are THREE sets of scientific talks! Click here to see all our talks! There will also be a book reading by local author Jenna Bryson. She will be reading her children's book: Grace from Outer Space at 1:30pm on the roof of the Math Sciences building.

This year, we will also be hosting a K-12 Educator Workshop, featuring talks be several authors and educators, and a demonstration on how to use hands-on activities in your classroom! No registration is necessary, just come to EYU!

This event includes participation from a huge number of UCLA and community partners, which can be found at our thank you page. This event was developed by students, faculty, and staff in each of the these departments groups.

Exploring Your Universe will still be held even if there is rain. Some outdoor activities will be moved into the Math Sciences Building, the Geology Building, and the Physics and Astronomy Building, while others will remain outside. The Info Booth will be at the Math Sciences Building. So rain or shine plan on coming, but maybe bring an umbrella just in case!

Event Schedule

The primary event will take place in the Court of Sciences with activities and demos at the Physics and Astronomy Building, Mathematical Sciences Building, Geology Building, and near Kinsey Pavilion. You are welcome to come for any or all of the festivities! Feel free to pick workshops and activities you are interested in attending.

Click any of the subjects below to see the time, location, and list of activities!

Astronomy (12:00 - 5:00 pm) (Court of Sciences - Main Area):

  • The Sun and solar telescopes

  • Stars and Stellar Evolution

  • Bottle Rocket Launches

  • Comet Making Demo

  • Pocket Solar System and Asteroids

  • Constellation Detectives

  • Gravity Demo - Investigate the Fabric of Space-Time

  • Discovery methods for finding new worlds beyond our solar system

  • Ask an Astronomer/Physicist Booth

  • VHE Gamma Ray Astronomy
          -Cosmic ray detector

  • Celestron Telescopes

  • Thirty Meter Telescope
  •       -See what you look like in the infrared!
          -TMT Hologram

  • Planetarium Shows (Mathematical Sciences 8th floor): Every half hour starting 12:30 pm! Pick up tickets to planetarium at the Information Booth.

Physics (12:00 - 5:00 pm) (Physics and Astronomy Building - PAB):

  • Lasers and Optics (PAB 1-434)
  •       -Cloud chamber, holograms, plasma ball, strobe lights, and more!

  • Sound and Waves (outdoor; near Kinsey Pavilion)
  •       -Singing bowl, Doppler Effect, beats and vibrations, the physics of sound

  • Rotational Motion (outdoor; near Kinsey Pavilion)
  •       -gyroscopes, toy tops, spinning platform demo

  • Electricity and Magnetism (PAB 1-749)
  •       -Van de Graaff generator, charging rods, jumping rings, bike generator, and more!

  • Optical Illisions (PAB lobby)
  •       -Infinite mrror, light-modulated sound, polarization, the physics of LCDs, and more!

  • Fluids and Buoyancy (outdoor; near Kinsey Pavilion)
  •       -Soap film, Archimides Principle, solar bags, and more!

  • Arduino Robotics Club (PAB lobby)
  •       -Learn how to program robots using microprocessors!

  • Elegant Minds Lab Tours (Knudsen 4-173)
  •       - Visit a working lab where undergraduate students study the biomechanics of a nematode called C. Elegans in order to figure out how memory works in a simple creature. Tours will be lead every half hour from 2-4pm. Meet in Knudsen 4-173 to start the tour!

Earth, Planetary, and Space Sciences (12:00 - 5:00 pm) (Geology Building)

  • The Shocking World of Electricity

  • Dinosaurs and Fossils

  • Earth: Inside and Out

  • Mineral Gallery

  • Natural Disasters (Court of Sciences)

  • Meteorite museum

  • Build Your Own Hurricane (Young Courtyard)

  • Space Missions:

  •      - THEMIS: Time History of Events and Macroscale Interactions during Substorms
         - ARTEMIS: Studying Space Weather
         - Dawn: Investigating the conditions and processes of the solar system's earliest epoch
         - Diviner Lunar Radiometer Experiment
         - ELFIN Satellite: See UCLA's first Satellite!

Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences (12:00 - 5:00 pm) (Young Courtyard)

  • Exploding Marshmallows
  •      -Expand marshmallows using a vacuum pump!

  • Can Crushing
  •      -See how pressure can crush soda cans!

  • Tornado-in-a-bottle
  •      -See and create your own vortexes!

  • - Cloud-in-a-bottle
  •      -See clouds being made right before your eyes!

  • Portable Weather Station
  •      -Talk with experts about conditions and get an updated forecast for the day!

  • SpinLab!: Fluid Dynamics of Atmospheres and Oceans (CS 76)

Chemistry (12:00 - 5:00 pm) (Court of Sciences)

  • "Super Cool" Fun with Liquid Nitrogen
  •      -Eat liquid nitrogen ice cream
         -Blow up balloons using liquid nitrogen!

  • Household Item Chemistry
  •      - Use soap and milk to make abstract art!
         - Flaming money
         - Anti-gravity water

  • Everyday Chemistry
  •      - Make some "elephant toothpaste"
         - Inflate a balloon with only water, sugar, and yeast!
         - Check out a homemade kid-safe lava lamp

  • Science and Food
  •      - Learn to measure the pH of Food
         - Jelly Bean Taste Test

  • Science Behind Magic
  •      - explore how chemistry and mathematics can be used to create fun magic tricks!

Biology (12:00 - 5:00 pm) (Court of Sciences)

  • Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
  •      - See live tidal pool animals
         - extract DNA from fruits and plants
         - California's EndangeredAnimals (California Tiger Salamander, California Newt,          California Garter Snake)

  • STAR EcoStation
  •      - See exotic wildlife up close!

  • Environmental Science
  •      - Plant a seed and what it grow at home
         - Sustainable Practices
  • UCLA Emergency Medical Services
  •      - discover how EMT equipment works and what it is used for!

Engineering (12:00 - 5:00 pm) (Court of Sciences)

  • Civil Engineers at Work!
  •      - Building models with K'NEX and balsa wood
         - learn about architecture and design processes

  • Engineering Robots
  •      - Program robots to obey your command!
         - Learn how circuits work! Make your own circuits!

  • Nanoscience: Small is Big!
  • Explore how optics work!
  •      - Holograms      - Telescopes and Lenses      - Fiber Optics      - 3D Projection

Neuroscience (12:00 - 5:00 pm) (Court of Sciences)

  • Brains!
  •      - See and touch real brains! Learn the difference btween human and sheep brains

  • Psychology in Action
  •      - Draw your own brain!
         - Virtual reality game

Math and Statistics (12:00 - 5:00 pm) (Court of Sciences)

  • Mobius Strips

  • The Game of Nim

  • The Largest Numbers

  • The Liar Paradox

  • Exploring Statistics
  •      - Jar of Marbles
         - Galton Board
         - Monty Hall Problem

Exploring Your Universe 2014 is sponsored by the UCLA Division of Physical Sciences, the Departments of Physics & Astronomy and Earth, Planetary, & Space Sciences, the UCLA Campus Programs Committee, and two private donors.

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Information for Visitors


Exploring Your Universe

i) Info booth 1) Court of Sciences 2) Physics and Astronomy Building 3) Mathematical Sciences Building 4) Geology Building 5) Ackerman Student Union 5) Chemistry Quad 6) Young Courtyard 7) Kinsey Pavilion

Purchasing Food:

In the Ackerman Student Union, which is very close to the Court of Sciences, there is food for purchase.

Carl's Jr. -- A Level -- 8:30am - 4pm
Jamba Juice -- A Level -- 11am - 4pm
Kerckhoff Coffee House (light food fare as well) -- 2nd Floor -- 8am - 11pm
Sbarro -- 1st Floor --11am - 3pm
Panda Express -- 1st Floor -- 11am - 4pm
Rubio's -- 1st Floor -- 11am - 3pm
Rx Candy Store -- 1st Floor -- 11am - 4pm
Wetzel's Pretzels -- 1st Floor -- 11am - 4pm

Driving and Parking Information:

There are several places to park on campus. If you are driving up Hilgard Avenue, turn left at Manning Drive and then right into Lot 2 at the Pay-By-Space parking. In Pay-By-Space parking it is $12 for all day. If you are driving up Westwood Blvd. there is a parking kiosk where you can buy an all day pass for parking in Lot 8. See this UCLA campus map for more information.

Bus Information:

       Recommended Routes: # 761, 2/302, 305

Big Blue Bus (Santa Monica):
       Recommended Routes: # 1, 2, 3, 8, 12

Culver City Bus:
       Recommended Routes: # 6

Parking for Non-City Buses:

There is free bus parking available near the Fowler Museum. To reach this designated bus zone, enter campus from Sunset Blvd. at Westwood Plaza. Take the first right onto Charles Young Drive and park along the right side of the street, across from the athletic fields.