UCLA-Based Outreach Activities

One of the types of outreach we do is UCLA-based, which means that we host a variety of activities for the public right here on campus! This includes daytime Planetarium shows and astronomy based science workshops.

Please visit our Planetarium webpage to see our current planetarium show schedule!

On-campus workshops include:

Galaxies: Shapes, Sizes, and Distances - This workshop is an hour long and goes through the different types of galaxies, the distances between galaxies, and the scales of masses and numbers of galaxies. The students sort galaxies by type, build a scale model of local galaxies, and learn to identify the parts of a galaxy like the Milky Way. There is an activity sheet that have been developed for this workshop.

Stars: Our Sun and Our Stellar Neighbors - This workshop is 30-minutes long and includes solar telescopes, a description of the Sun's interior, and the different sizes, colors, and properties of stars. An activity sheet is available for this activity.

Comet Making and the Solar System - This one-hour long workshop goes over the different properties of the planets, the minor bodies of the solar system, moon phases, and a comet making activity. The comet making uses dry ice and other materials to replicate the conditions far out in the solar system. We discuss why Pluto isn't a planet anymore, the asteroid belt, the Kuiper Belt, and the Oort Cloud. Our moon phases activity takes place in a darkened room in order to allow the students to watch the phases change on a replica of the Sun-Earth-Moon system. An activity sheet is available for this activity.

Planetarium shows can be coordinated along with these activities for larger groups of students. For less than 50 students, please contact
planet [at] astro.ucla.edu to request a show.