Marshall D. Perrin

Graduate student in Astronomy

I'm a second-year graduate student in Astronomy & Astrophysics here at UC Berkeley. Before this, I was at Harvard, and in the dim ancient past at Severn.

I am interested in planetary science, SETI, space exploration, science fiction, biking, boating, photography, and probably a few other things I've forgotten right this minute.

This fall I am head TA for Astro 7a, taught by Prof. Hy Spinrad. See my Astro 7a page here.

Current projects: Adaptive Optics companion and disk searches, working with the Lick IR camera IRCAL with Jamie Lloyd and James Graham, maintaining the department web site, repairing the Campbell rooftop telescope and getting the CCD working again. And maybe, if I'm crazy enough, studying for my qual.

Marshall Perrin
510 642 1916    Campbell Hall 557