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Mark R. Morris

Office: Physics & Astronomy Bldg. 3-917
Phone: (310) 825-3320
morris at astro.ucla.edu

Brief Academic History   -   Research Interests   -   Conference Organization   -   Classes   -   Recent Publications

Academic History:

B.A., Physics, University of California, Riverside, 1969.
Ph.D., Physics, University of Chicago, 1975.
Post-doc at Owens Valley Radio Observatory, Caltech from 1975 to 1977.
Assistant Professor, Astronomy Department, Columbia University, 1977-1982.
At UCLA since 1983, currently a Professor in the Department of Physics and Astronomy,
and Vice-Chair for Astronomy & Astrophysics

Research Interests:

The Galactic Center. Much of Professor Morris' research is aimed at understanding the innermost regions of our Milky Way Galaxy. This relatively extreme environment is characterized by high densities of stars, gas and energy, as well as very strong magnetic fields. All of this gives rise to a variety of phenomena not evident elsewhere, including stellar collisions, large-scale shocks, powerful magnetohydrodynamic displays, and a central, supermassive black hole. Dr. Morris uses radio, infrared, and X-ray observatories to learn as much as possible about this complex region and to elucidate its unusual phenomenology, much of which is likely to be important for understanding active galactic nuclei and galactic evolution.

Bipolar Nebulae. Dr. Morris also does research on a critical stage of stellar evolution, when red giant stars undergo the transition to planetary nebulae. Using both observational and theoretical techniques, he and his colleagues are trying in particular to understand the bipolar morphology of many molecular circumstellar envelopes and the mechanisms which cause mass ejection along well-defined polar axes, especially in the final stages before a planetary nebula is produced. His current observational research in this area employs the Hubble Space Telescope, the Chandra X-ray Observatory, the VLBA, and the Keck Telescopes.

Protoplanetary Disks. The formation of a star is almost always believed to be accompanied by the presence of a long-lived accretion disk. After the central star is formed, the persistent disk can form planets over a time scale extending beyond a million years. Such protoplanetary disks are often highly obscured, and thus are accessible to only radio or long-wavelength infrared observations. However, in certain locations, notably the Orion Nebula, the Hubble Space Telescope has revealed that some such disks, known as "proplyds", can be seen in silhouette in visual or near-infrared light. In this unusual environment, the disks are being rapidly photoevaporated by the intense ultraviolet radiation emanating from the nearby Trapezium stars. With Ralph Shuping and John Bally, Morris has been studying these spectroscopically with the Keck Telescope in an effort to measure their kinematics, their detailed content, and, if possible, their rotation.

SOFIA. The next generation in airborne astronomy is the Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy , a NASA-funded project with which Dr. Morris has been associated since the project began. This observatory, a modified Boeing 747SP, houses a 2.5-meter telescope which can operate all the way from optical to submillimeter wavelengths. First light is expected in 2008. Morris is associated with the team producing the submillimeter instrument for SOFIA, CASIMIR. Other SOFIA activities at UCLA include construction of the facility near-infrared camera, FLITECAM, and the overall scientific direction of the project by Professor Eric Becklin.

Recent UCLA Conferences and Workshops:

  • Grand Challenge Problems in Computational Astrophysics, ; March 7 - June 10, 2005
  • Mathematical Challenges in Astronomical Imaging, ; January 26 - 30, 2004

  • Classes

    fall 2004: Astronomy 7. Astronomy and the Media
    winter 2005: Astronomy 6. Cosmology
    fall 2005: Astronomy 270. Fluids and Dynamics (graduate core course, no URL)
    winter 2006: Astronomy 127. Stellar Atmospheres, Interiors, & Evolution
    fall 2006: General Education 70A. Evolution of the Cosmos, the Earth, and Life
    winter 2007: General Education 70B. Evolution of the Cosmos, The Earth and Life

    Selected Recent Publications

    2007   -   2006   -   2005   -   2004   -   2003   -   2002   -   2001   -   2000


    “Photometric Stellar Variability in the Galactic Center”; M. Rafelski, A.M. Ghez, S.D. Hornstein, J.R. Lu, & M. Morris, ApJ, in press (2007).

    “Discovery of Variable Iron Fluorescence from Reflection Nebulae in the Galactic Center”; M.P. Muno, F.K. Baganoff, W.N. Brandt, S. Park & M.R. Morris, ApJL, in press (2007) astro-ph/0611651.

    “Adaptive Optics Imaging of IRAS 18276-1431: a Bipolar Pre-Planetary Nebula with Circumstellar ‘Searchlight Beams’ and ‘Arcs’"; C. Sanchez-Contreras, D. Le Mignant, R. Sahai, A. Gil de Paz & M. Morris, ApJ in press (2007) astro-ph/0610891.


    “A Massive Bipolar Outflow and a Dusty Torus with Large Grains in the Preplanetary Nebula IRAS 22036+5306”; R. Sahai, K. Young, N.A. Patel, C. Sánchez-Contreras & M. Morris, ApJ 653, 1241-1252 (2006) astro-ph/0609455.

    “Silicate Emission Profiles from Low-Mass Protostellar Disks in the Orion Nebula: Evidence for Growth and Thermal Processing of Grains” ; R.Y. Shuping, M. Kassis, M. Morris, N. Smith & J. Bally, ApJL 644, L71-74 (2006) astro-ph/0605174.

    “News from the Year 2006 Galactic Center Workshop” ; M. Morris & S. Nayakshin, J. Phys.: Conf. Ser. 54, eds: R. Schödel, G.C. Bower, M.P. Muno, S. Nayakshin & T. Ott, pp. 461-467 (2006) astroph/0701047.

    "The Galactic Center Magnetosphere” ; M. Morris, J. Phys.: Conf. Ser. 54, eds: R. Schödel, G.C. Bower, M.P. Muno, S. Nayakshin & T. Ott, pp. 1-9 (2006) astroph/0701050.

    “Galactic Prominences on the Rise” ; M. Morris, Science (Perspectives) 314, 70-71 (2006).

    "The Flare Activity of Sgr A*. New Coordinated mm to X-Ray Observations" ; A. Eckart, F.K. Baganoff, R. Schoedel, M. Morris & 16 others, A&A 450, 535-555 (2006) astro-ph/0512440.

    "A magnetic torsional wave near the Galactic Centre traced by a ‘double helix’ nebula" ; M. Morris, K. Uchida & T. Do, Nature 440, 308-310 (2006) astro-ph/0512452.

    "High Spectral Resolution Observations of the Massive Stars in the Galactic Center" ; A. Tanner, D.F. Figer, P. Najarro, R.P. Kudritzki, D. Gilmore, M. Morris, E.E. Becklin, I.S. McLean, A.M. Gilbert, J.R. Graham, J.E. Larkin, N.A. Levenson, & H.I. Teplitz, ApJ 641, 891-904 (2006) astro-ph/0510028.

    "Isolated, Massive Supergiants near the Galactic Center" ; M.P. Muno, G.C. Bower, A.J. Burgasser, F.K. Baganoff, M.R. Morris & W.N. Brandt, ApJ 638, 183-190 (2006) astro-ph/0509617.

    "A Neutron Star with a Massive Progenitor in Westerlund 1" ; M.P. Muno, J.S. Clark, P.A. Crowther, S.M. Dougherty, R. de Grijs, C. Law, S.L.W. McMillan, M.R. Morris, I. Negueruela, D. Pooley, S. Portegies-Zwart & F. Yusef-Zadeh, ApJL 636, L41-44 (2006) astro-ph/0509408.


    "The First Laser Guide Star Adaptive Optics Observations of the Galactic Center: Sgr A*'s Infrared Color and the Extended Red Emission in its Vicinity" ; A.M. Ghez, S.D. Hornstein, J. Lu, A. Bouchez, D. Le Mignant, M.A. van Dam, P. Wizinowich, K. Matthews, M. Morris, E.E. Becklin, R.D. Campbell, J.C.Y. Chin, S.K. Hartman, E.M. Johansson, R.E. Lafon, P.J. Stomski & D.M. Summers, ApJ 635, 1087-1094 (2005) astro-ph/0508664.

    "A Remarkable Low-Mass X-Ray Binary within 0.1 pc of the Galactic Center" ; M.P. Muno, J.R. Lu, F.K. Baganoff, W.N. Brandt, G.P. Garmire, A.M. Ghez, S.D. Hornstein & M.R. Morris, ApJ 633, 228-239 (2005) astro-ph/0503572.

    "A Hot Helium Plasma in the Galactic Center Region" ; R. Belmont, M. Tagger, M. Muno, M. Morris, & S. Cowley, ApJL 631, L53-56 (2005) astro-ph/0508480.

    "Thermal Dust Emission from Proplyds, Unresolved Disks, and Shocks in the Orion Nebula" ; N. Smith, J. Bally, R.Y. Shuping, M. Morris & M. Kassis, AJ 130, 1763-1777 (2005) astro-ph/0506445.

    "A Candidate Neutron Star Associated with Galactic Center Supernova Remnant Sagittarius A East" ; S. Park, M.P. Muno, F.K. Baganoff, Y. Maeda, M. Morris, G. Chartas, D. Sanwal, D.N. Burrows, & G.P. Garmire, ApJ 631, 964-975 (2005) astro-ph/0506168.

    "IRS16 SW: A New Comoving Group of Young Stars in the Central Parsec of the Milky Way" ; Lu, J.R., Ghez, A.M., Hornstein, S.D., Morris, M., & Becklin, E.E., ApJL 625, L51-54 (2005) astro-ph/0504276.

    "Infrared Spectroscopy of U Equulei's Warm Circumstellar Gas" ; T.R. Geballe, C. Barnbaum, K.S. Noll & M. Morris, ApJ 624, 983-987 (2005) astro-ph/0502154.

    "Stellar Bow Shocks in the Northern Arm of the Galactic Center: More Members and Kinematics of the Massive Star Population" ; A. Tanner, A.M. Ghez, M. R. Morris & J. C. Christou, ApJ 624, 742-750 (2005) astro-ph/0412494.

    "Intraday Variability of Sagittarius A* at 3 Millimeters" ; J.C. Mauerhan, M. Morris, W. Fabian & F.K. Baganoff, ApJL 623, L25-28 (2005) astro-ph/0503124.

    "An Overabundance of Transient X-Ray Binaries within 1 Parsec of the Galactic Center" ; M.P. Muno, E. Pfahl, F.K. Baganoff, W.N. Brandt, A. Ghez, J. Lu & M.R. Morris, ApJL 622, L113-116 (2005) astro-ph/0412492.

    "A Starfish Planetary Nebula, IRAS19024+0044" ; R. Sahai, C. Sanchez-Contreras & M. Morris, ApJ 620, 948-960 (2005)

    "Stellar Orbits around the Galactic Center Black Hole" ; A.M. Ghez, S. Salim, S.D. Hornstein, A. Tanner, J.R. Lu, M. Morris, E.E. Becklin & G. Duchene, ApJ 620, 744-757 (2005) astro-ph/030613.


    "Kinematic and Structural Analysis of the Minispiral in the Galactic Center from BEAR Spectro-Imagery" ; T. Paumard, J.-P. Maillard & M. Morris, A&A 426, 81-96 (2004) astro-ph/0405197.

    "Census of the Galactic Centre Early-Type Stars Using Spectro-Imagery" ; T. Paumard, R. Genzel, J.P. Maillard, T. Ott, M. Morris, F. Eisenhauer, & R. Abuter, in Young Local Universe, Proc. XXXIXth Rencontres de Moriond, eds: A. Chalabaev, T. Fukui, T. Montmerle, J. Tran-Thanh-Van, Editions Frontieres, Paris (2004) astro-ph/0407189.

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