"Comprehensive Review" was a bad admissions policy for UC to adopt

  • 1. Official Sources
  • Official 1999 Report of CUARS (Committe on Undergraduate Admissions and Relations with Schools) to UCLA Faculty CUARS Report

  • Prof. of Statistics Richard Berk's analysis of SAT and admissions--terse but pithy From Voice of the Faculty, the UCLA Senate Newsletter

  • same document in Postscript format, for ghostview reader

  • UC Regents Still Conflicted over Comprehensive Review DAILY CALIFORNIAN reports on Regents meeting

  • March 11, 2004 Insider's Critique of UC Admissions, which the administration is unable to refute Forbes Article written by Regent Moores

  • Fascinating details of UC Berkeley admissions, not previously publicized Full text (215 pages) of Moores' Report

    The following views on UC undergraduate admissions do not reflect those of the UC administration

    "Comprehensive Review" was a bad admissions policy for UC to adopt; New "Holistic" Version is even worse

  • 2. Interpretation and Opinion
  • Even Uncritical News Stories Reveal Problems with Comprehensive Review San Diego Union Tribune

  • More disturbing details on Comprehensive Review USA Today article

  • Jack Citrin critiques Comprehensive Review Testimony before UC Regents

  • John Leo skewers Comprehensive Review text of Leo's column

  • John Leo's trenchant description of UCLA's Ethnic Graduations link to Leo's article in City Journal

  • Editorial criticizes Comprehensive Review San Francisco Chronicle article

  • Very Short Critique of Comprehensive Review Transcript of Gallagher's piece on Fox Report from Fox News

  • When Several Years Later, Britain adopts key elements of Comprehensive Review, The Public is Justifiably Outraged at the Unfairnes

  • Dan Golden's front page WSJ story on Comprehensive Review Golden,July 12, 2002

  • Abuses of Comprehensive Review we predicted have recently been exposed UCLA Professor Tim Groseclose blows the whistle, August, 2008

  • Letter on Comprehensive Review to Regents Two former chairs of faculty committee on undergraduate admissions criticize Com prehensive Review proposal

    Don't Throw Away the SAT!

  • CNN/AP story on Pres. Atkinson's proposal to eliminate SAT-I Univ. of Calif. mulls dropping SAT requisite

  • Chronicle on Higher Education reports on the SAT controversy Chronicle Story from March 2001

  • San Francisco Chronicle article: "UC Panel Says Scrap SAT-I" SF Chronicle Story from January, 2002

  • Sacramento Bee story on March 12th Meeting of UC Regents on Eliminating the SAT-I UC regents, faculty debate SAT as admission tool, by Terri Hardy

  • More coverage of the Regents Meeting UC head promotes new test, by Carrie Sturrock

  • Daily Bruin's balanced account of the same meeting UC Regents propose new test [Actually, they critiqued Atkinson's proposal for a new test]

  • Daily Bruin Viewpoint "Don't Throw Away the SAT" Bruin editors made up their own title, but didn't change much of my original text

  • Williams on the proposal to drop SAT Walter Williams' editorial

  • Berkeley student paper editorial on dropping the SAT Editorial from Daily Cal

  • Kurtz nails the SAT proposal Stanley Kurtz Editorial

  • Another powerful opponent of SAT-I turns out to be a fraud MIT Dean wanted Admissions to de-emphasize students' resumes; her own was a complete lie

  • Arguments against dropping SAT-I Powerpoint slides from March 12th presentation to UC Regents

  • A Defense of the SAT-I and its Chilean Cousin the P.A.A. Powerpoint slides from July 1st presentation at Centro de Estudios Publicos

  • En Espanol--A Defense of the Chilean SAT-I: the P.A.A. Powerpoint slides from July 2nd Press Conference in Santiago, Chile

  • Nice article on the July 2002 Interview for La Segunda Also, only newspaper article to refer to Brian K. Malkan before his birth

  • The SAT Controversy slops over into Chile Article from El Mercurio, in Spanish (the on-line translation into English is quite entertaining

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