Curriculum Vitae


PhD in Astronomy, University of California, Los Angeles, 2001

MS in Astronomy, San Diego State University, 1993

BA in Mathematics, San Diego State University, 1977

Research Activities:

1) My dissertation research consists for CO(1-0) and CO(2-1) mapping of spiral galaxies at the NRAO 12m telescope. These maps were combined with archival VLA 21 cm line observations, VLA NVSS survey data, IRAS HiRes FIR maps, and pretty much anything else I could get my hands on to study the total neutral gas in a survey of 5 spiral galaxies, IC 342, M83, NGC 1097, NGC 4736 and NGC 6946.

Some of my other research activities not directly related to my dissertation include:

2) I have had recent observing runs using the NIRSPEC echelle spectrometer on Keck II. Turner, Beck, Meier and I have been getting high resolution spectra of Br alpha and Br gamma emission lines from a survey of galaxies. We are looking for deeply embedded, compact, star cluster formation, as well as star formation in general. In the process of taking spectra, we have also been able to make deep K-band images of the objects using the exposures taken by the NIRSPEC slit imager. I believe we were the first to successfully reduce high resolution NIRSPEC observations of extended sources. I am currently working on making an ra-dec-velocity cube from a large set of spatially stepped spectra taken of the nuclear region of M83.

3) I (along with collaborators) made observations of the neutral carbon 492 GHz emission line in nuclei spiral galaxies were made at the Caltech Submillimeter Observatory (CSO). Proximity to a strong nuclear starburst was found to have a strong effect on the geometry of photodissociation regions associated with the nuclear molecular clouds. Planned observations with collaborators includes a more extensive mapping of CI in the nucleus of IC 342.

4) I have been involved with making SHARC (submillimeter bolometer) observations at CSO of dust continuum in IC 342. Turner, Meier and I currently have a rather nice cold dust map of the inner 2 arcminutes of IC 342.

5) Turner, Meier and I have recently made some ``fast-switched" VLA A array observations at 3.5 2 and 1.3 cm as part of a search for compact HII regions in starburst galaxies.

Professional Experience:

System Engineer, Northrop Grumman AeroSpace Systems, 2004-present: unmanned aircraft systems research and development.

Software Engineer, Astute Networks, 2001-2004: TCP/IP protocol offload ASIC simulation; Ethernet, Fibre Channel, PCI Express MAC ASIC simulation.

Software Engineer, Systech Corp., 1993-1994: Development and support of multiplatform, UNIX/TCP/IP based, terminal concentrators.

Software Engineer, AT&T/NCR 1982-1991: Multiplatform, finite state machine driven, data communications protocol driver development.

Software Engineer, TRW-Fujitsu Co., 1980-1982: Financial terminal application firmware development.

Software Engineer, NCR Corp., 1974-1980: Software development of timesharing operating system software, automated communications software test drivers, disk formatters/initializers.


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