Katherine Kornei

I defended my astronomy Ph.D. at UCLA in August 2012. I worked with Alice Shapley on high redshift galaxies and the stars and gas within such systems. We primarily used the Keck and Hubble Telescopes to collect our data. Before coming to UCLA, I was a undergraduate at Yale University working with Pieter van Dokkum. Here's my CV and a brief description of some of my recent research:

Ultraviolet emission lines associated with galactic winds at z = 1. We are studying the kinematics and prevalence of resonant and fine-structure emission lines in star-forming galaxies. Kornei et al. 2012b, in prep.

Galactic winds in a sample of z = 1 star-forming galaxies. Using HST imaging, near-UV spectroscopy, and UV-derived star-formation rates, we studied the properties of galaxies expelling material into the intergalactic medium and found that objects with larger star-formation rate surface densities were more likely to host outflowing galactic winds. We also find evidence for a biconical wind geometry in which the outflowing gas is collimated. Kornei et al. 2012a, astro-ph/1205.0812

Tracing how stellar populations of Lyman Break Galaxies are correlated with the strength of the hydrogen line Lyα. We find that galaxies with strongLyα emission are preferentially older, less dust attenuated, and more quiescently forming stars than galaxies with weaker Lyα emission. We also find evidence that the interstellar medium in Lyman Break Galaxies is a relatively homogeneous mixture of neutral, ionized, and dust species. Kornei et al. 2010, ApJ, 711, 693

Optical and near-IR observations of a local super star cluster (SSC). Representing the most massive end of clustered star formation, SSCs are often heavily enshrouded in their natal dust clouds. We calculated the mass of a cluster in the nearby starburst galaxy NGC 253 and found it be one of the massive SSCs known (~ 10 million solar masses). Kornei & McCrady 2009, ApJ, 697, 1180

Ph.D. Thesis


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