Material on this website may be freely used. However, it is requested that any use of this work be reported to and given the following acknowledgement: "These images/animations were created by Prof. Andrea Ghez and her research team at UCLA and are from data sets obtained with the W. M. Keck Telescopes." Image creators include Andrea Ghez, Sylvana Yelda, Leo Meyer, Jessica Lu, Seth Hornstein, and Angelle Tanner.

Animations and Movies

3D movie of the stellar orbits in the central parsec
Animation of the benefits of Adaptive Optics
2.2 micron animation of the stellar orbits in the central parsec
Movie of both Keck lasers pointed at Galactic center (2012 July)
Animation showing the power of 30 m Extremely Large Telescopes
Three-Color Laser Guide Star Movie of the Galactic Center
Laser Guide Star vs. Natural Guide Star Animation
Movie of speckle imaging technique

Images and Plots

Three-Color Laser Guide Star Images
The First Laser Guide Star Adaptive Optics Observations of the Galactic Center (2004)
Overlay of stellar orbits on an image of the central arcsecond (Updated for 2012)
Overlay of stellar orbits on a High-Definition image of the Galactic Center
Correlation Map of the Galactic Center
Montage of Young Stars in the Galactic Center
Adaptive Optics Imaging of the Galactic Center (color and black & white)
Color plot of the stellar orbits in the central parsec
Gemini galactic center image with interactive labels for many objects
Mosaic of K-band images taken with Keck
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