Michael P. Fitzgerald
Associate Professor, UCLA
3-949 PAB
Physics and Astronomy Building
430 Portola Plaza, Box 951547
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1547


Research Interests

I am interested in extrasolar planets and their formation. In order to study these objects and processes, I am seeking to advance astronomical instrumentation and observational technique. Particularly interesting are indirect and direct techniques for detecting extrasolar planets with adaptive optics, coronagraphy, and interferometry. I am also studying dust disks around main sequence stars. High-contrast observations of circumstellar debris can reveal signatures of planet formation.


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Infrared Laboratory
Astronomy Division
Department of Physics and Astronomy

Selected Publications [ADS; ADS-new; RID; ORCID] :
Hung, L.-W., Duchêne, G., Arriaga, P., Fitzgerald, M. P., et al. "First Scattered-light Image of the Debris Disk around HD 131835 with the Gemini Planet Imager" Astrophysical Journal, 815 (2015): L14 [ADS; PDF]
Hung, L.-W., Fitzgerald, M. P., Chen, C. H., Mittal, T., Kalas, P. G., & Graham, J. R. "Discovery of Resolved Debris Disk Around HD 131835." Astrophysical Journal, 802 (2015): 138 [ADS; PDF]
Esposito, T. M., Fitzgerald, M. P., Graham, J. R., & Kalas, P. "Modeling Self-subtraction in Angular Differential Imaging: Application to the HD 32297 Debris Disk." Astrophysical Journal, 780 (2014): 25 [ADS; PDF]
Kalas, P., Graham, J. R., Fitzgerald, M. P., & Clampin, M. "STIS Coronagraphic Imaging of Fomalhaut: Main Belt Structure and the Orbit of Fomalhaut b." Astrophysical Journal, 775 (2013): 56 [ADS; PDF]
Maness, H. L., Kalas, P., Peek, K. M. G., Chiang, E. I., Scherer, K., Fitzgerald, M. P., Graham, J. R., Hines, D. C., Schneider, G., & Metchev, S. A. "Hubble Space Telescope Optical Imaging of the Eroding Debris Disk HD 61005." Astrophysical Journal, 707 (2009): 1098-1114 [ADS; PDF]
Fitzgerald, M. P., Kalas, P., & Graham, J. R. "Orbital Constraints on the beta Pic Inner Planet Candidate with Keck Adaptive Optics." Astrophysical Journal, 706 (2009): L41-45 [ADS; PDF]
Chen, C. H., Fitzgerald, M. P., & Smith, P. S. "A Possible Icy Kuiper Belt around HD 181327." Astrophysical Journal, 689 (2008): 539-544 [ADS; PDF]
Kalas, P., Graham, J. R., Chiang, E., Fitzgerald, M. P., Clampin, M., Kite, E. S., Stapelfeldt, K., Marois, C., & Krist, J. "Optical Images of an Exosolar Planet 25 Light-Years from Earth." Science, 322 (2008): 1345-1348 [ADS; PDF]
Maness, H. L., Fitzgerald, M. P., Paladini, R., Kalas, P., Duchêne, G., & Graham, J. R. "CARMA Millimeter-Wave Aperture Synthesis Imaging of the HD 32297 Debris Disk." Astrophysical Journal, 686 (2008): L25-L28 [ADS; PDF]
Fitzgerald, M. P., Kalas, P. G., & Graham, J. R. "A Ring of Warm Dust in the HD 32297 Debris Disk." Astrophysical Journal, 670 (2007): 557-564 [ADS; PDF]
Fitzgerald, M. P., Kalas, P. G., Duchêne, G., Pinte, C., & Graham, J. R. "The AU Mic Debris Disk: Multiwavelength Imaging and Modeling." Astrophysical Journal, 670 (2007): 536-556 [ADS; PDF]
Fitzgerald, M. P., & Graham, J. R. "Speckle Statistics in Adaptively Corrected Images." Astrophysical Journal, 637 (2006): 541-547 [ADS; PDF]

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