Alexander P. Stephan

Teaching Experience

I have worked as Teaching Assistant and Teaching Associate for multiple physics and astronomy courses here at UCLA. Among them were courses on general astronomy education, quantum and statistical mechanics, analytical mechanics, and modern physics laboratory.

Outreach Activities

I am one of the coordinators of an outreach group run by graduate students at UCLA called Astronomy Live! (our website needs some updates but we are active and review and respond to applications). We visit local schools and hold on-campus events involving scientific demonstrations in order to advance scientific learning in schools and the general public. Some of the topics of our demonstrations include, for example, rockets, comets, gravity, stellar evolution, and the solar system.

We also participate in and have co-organized the yearly on-campus event Exploring Your Universe, which draws several thousand visitors to UCLA every year. During the 2015 and 2016 event I was responsible for co-organizing the equipment and fascilities needed by the volunteer groups.