Alexander P. Stephan

Alexander P. Stephan

Department of Physics and Astronomy
Division of Astronomy and Astrophysics

Picture Credits: CfA/Mark A. Garlick - NASA/JPL-Caltech -
NASA/ESA/STScl/G. Bacon - ESO/L. Cal├žada/M. Parsa


I am an astrophysics graduate student at UCLA, working with Prof. Smadar Naoz since 2014. Before that I was an undergraduate at the University of Chicago. Originally I am from Heidelberg, Germany.

Research Interests

My research focuses on the orbital dynamics of multi-body systems, such as binary and triple stars or exoplanet systems. I also collaborate with the UCLA Galactic Center Group, investigating the orbital evolution of binary stars in the Galactic Center. Some of my works also focused on White Dwarf pollution in evolving wide binary systems, which has also been featured by AAS Nova and Physics Today. My most recent project explored the formation and destruction of Hot Jupiters orbiting evolving A-type stars in stellar binaries and has been featured as a Nature Research Highlight.

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Outreach and other Activities

I am one of the coordinators of an outreach group run by graduate students at UCLA called Astronomy Live! (our website needs some updates but we are active and review and respond to applications). We visit local schools and hold on-campus events involving scientific demonstrations in order to advance scientific learning in schools and the general public. We also participate in and have co-organized the yearly on-campus event Exploring Your Universe, which draws several thousand visitors to UCLA every year.

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