Astro 4

Black Holes and Cosmic Catastrophes

Spring 2017

Schedule of Lectures

Tuesday, April 3rd General introduction to the course. The scale of the universe and our place in it.
Reading (TCP, Ch. 1)
Thursday, April 5th Motion, force, & energy.
Reading (TCP, Ch. 4)
Tuesday, April 10th Gravity!
Reading (TCP, Ch. 4)
Thursday, April 12th Light and Thermal Radiation.
Reading (TCP, Ch. 5)
Tuesday, April 17th Matter and Energy Levels.
Reading (TCP, Ch. 5)
Thursday, April 19th The Sun.
Reading (TCP, Ch. 14)
Tuesday, April 25th Properties of stars.
Reading (TCP, Ch. 15)
Thursday, April 27st More Properties of Stars, Star Clusters.
Reading (TCP, Ch. 15)
Tuesday, May 2nd Midterm Exam in class
Thursday, May 4th Evolution of Low- and High-mass Stars.
Reading (TCP, Ch. 17)
Tuesday, May 9th End states of stars.
Reading (TCP, Ch. 18, S4)
Thursday, May 11th More End States of Stars, Supernova Explosions.
Reading (TCP, Ch. 17, 18)
Tuesday, May 16th Pulsars, Black Holes
Reading (TCP, Ch. 18)
Thursday, May 18th Special relativity
Reading (TCP, Ch. S2)
Tuesday, May 23rd General Relativity and Black Holes.
Reading (TCP, Ch. S3)
Thursday, May 25th AGNs, QSOs, and Supermassive Black Holes.
Reading (TCP, Ch. 20, 21)
Tuesday, May 30th Gravity in our own Milky Way.
Reading (TCP, Ch. 19)
Thursday, June 1st The Galactic Center; Galaxies and the Distance Ladder.
Reading (TCP, Ch. 19, 20)
Tuesday, June 6th The Expansion of the Universe.
Reading (TCP, Ch. 20, 23)
Thursday, June 8th Dark Matter, Dark Energy, the Origin and Fate of the Universe.
Reading (TCP, Ch. 22, 23)
Thursday, June 15th Final Exam