Abhimat Gautam


Current Research Interests

I am currently most interested in learning more about galactic centers, and in particular the environment and dynamical history of the Milky Way galactic center. I am also interested in studying stellar evolution and the environment around AGNs. My other research interests include neutron stars, pulsars, time-domain astronomy, and SETI.

Curriculum Vitae

Galactic Center Binaries

I am currently working with Professor Andrea Ghez and the UCLA Galactic Center Group to perform a photometric study of the galactic center, and in particular searching for eclipsing binary systems. Binaries are especially interesting to study in the galactic center since they allow understanding the dynamical evolution and history of the galactic center. The binary fraction and the types of binaries found in the galactic center can give valuable insight into stellar formation and dynamical interactions in the region.
(2015 – Current)

Transient Search

I worked on several projects to search for transients in radio data with the Berkeley SETI Research Center (BSRC). This included radio observations of Kepler Objects of Interest (KOI) in the Kepler Field, re-observations of candidates from the Astropulse survey, and millimeter observations of the galactic center. The goal was to search for SETI signals and signals from natural radio transients such as pulsars, FRBs, and RRATs.
(2011 – 2014)

Analysis of the Guitar Nebula and PSR B2224+65

I worked on analyzing multiple epochs of radio, optical, and x-ray data of the region surrounding the pulsar B2224+65 with Professor Jim Cordes and Dr. Shami Chatterjee at Cornell University. This included the very interesting bow-shock nebula created by the pulsar known as the Guitar Nebula. The work was conducted at Cornell University’s 2012 Astronomy REU Program.
(Summer 2012)

Sgr A* VLBI Calibration

I worked on calibration work for VLBI (Very Long Baseline Interferometry) observations of Sgr A* at millimeter wavelengths with Dr. Melvyn Wright at UC Berkeley.
(Summer 2011)

Multiple Asteroid Work

I worked on organization and calibration of observations of multiple asteroid systems with Dr. Franck Marchis at UC Berkeley.
(2010 – 2011)

High School Senior Project

My high school senior project consisted of measuring orbits and rotational periods of asteroids.
(2009 – 2010)