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Telescope Shows

Telescope Domes Telescope Domes (photo by Laurie Liles)

A telescope open house is held after each planetarium show during the school year, weather permitting. The telescope domes are located on the 9th floor roof of the Mathematical Sciences Building at UCLA. To get to the telescope dome that is currently in use, follow the directions to the planetarium, turn around so that it is behind you, go up the stairs on the outside of the building, turn right, and the open dome will be on your left. If you take the elevator up to the ninth floor, turn right as you exit and the dome will be straight ahead.

The telescope will typically be available for viewing for about an hour. Typical targets include the Moon, the visible planets, binary and multiple stars, open and globular clusters, galaxies, and more. Targets will be determined based on the season and current observing conditions.

The telescope currently in use is a Celestron Schmidt-Cassegrain reflector with a 14-inch diameter primary mirror. Magnifications of 113x and 206x are achieved with 31 millimeter and 17 millimeter eyepieces, respectively. Several filters are available to safely view the full Moon and improve the appearance of nebulae.

14 in. Telescope Our 14 in. telescope.

More information on the telescopes can be found on the about page. Telescope shows are typically run by the Undergraduate Astronomical Society.

A special thank you to local telescope company Celestron for generously donating new telescope equipment to the Planetarium!

This equipment is now a permanent part of our collection and will be used for our weekly telescope viewings & various community outreach events. More details here.