SOFIA-Star Formation Workshop
July 12-17, 1999
University of California, Santa Cruz


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A summer workshop, jointly organized by the SOFIA project and the Center for Star Formation Studies will be held at the University of California, Santa Cruz, July 12-17, 1999.

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Scientific Organizing Committee:

Eric Becklin, UCLA (Co-Chair) Richard Klein, Lawrence Livermore Laboratories
Charles Beichman, IPAC Charles Lada, Harvard/Smithsonian
Leo Blitz, UC Berkeley John Lacy, University of Texas at Austin
Peter Bodenheimer, UC Santa Cruz Doug Lin, UC Santa Cruz
Larry Caroff, NASA Ames Research Center Christopher McKee, UC Berkeley
Reinhard Genzel, Max Planck Institute Gordon Stacey, Cornell University
Thomas Henning, University of Jena Frank Shu, UC Berkeley
Roger Hildebrand, University of Chicago Jonas Zmuidzinas, Caltech
David Hollenbach, NASA Ames Research Center (Co-Chair)

Local Organizing Commitee

Eric Becklin, UCLA (Co-Chair) David Hollenbach, NASA Ames Research Center (Co-Chair)
Larry Caroff, NASA Ames Research Center Juleen Moon, UCLA
Cathy Clausen, UC Santa Cruz  

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Registration and Accommodations
Space at this workshop is very limited, please register as soon as possible. Registrations will be accepted on a first-come first-serve basis.
Please download the registration form, complete and follow submission instructions.

                             Registration is closed

The talks and poster papers will be held at Stevenson College on the UC Santa Cruz campus. Directions and maps can be found here.

For general information: Cathy Clausen
For SOFIA-specific information: Juleen Moon

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