Recent UCLA Astronomy Visitors

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Host Period Year Project
x xxx-xxxx x 2004-xx-xx 2004-xx-xx
Chang Rey, Soo screy[at] Rich July 2009-2010
Stolte, Andrea astolte[at] June 2009
Mori, Masao Rich Feb 20 - Mar 20 2009 Modeling the collision of a dwarf galaxy with M31
Saviane, Ivo Rich Feb 7 - 28 2009 Distance to NGC 4038/9
Schoedel, Rainer Ghez Jan 15 - Feb 15 2009 High Resolution Studies of the Galactic Center
Oh, Peng Furlanetto short term 2008
Tereby, Susan Turner short term
Hanna, David Ong & Vassiliev short term
Meier, David Malkan/Ghez/Morris long term
Wiesenfeld, Laurent short term
Amo Baladrón, María Aránzazu Morris Oct - Dec 2006
Torres, Miguel Requena Morris Aug - Oct 2005

See also who may be visiting for the day to give a talk at the journal club (Tuesdays) or the colloquium (Wednesdays) during instruction quarters.

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