UCLA Astronomy Facilities

See also: UCLA Physics facilities.

Name Location
(see below)
Contact E-mail
(details below)
administrative office 3-435 PAB 825-4434 Velda Thomas division
archive room 3-326 PAB (none) Velda Thomas division
Astro 180 (solar) lab 61?? KH (TBA) James Larkin a180
classroom 8349 MS (data only) Velda Thomas students
communication closets 3-938B PAB
8353 MS
(none) CTS (none)
computer rooms 3-145F KH 794-5582 Leon Kopelevich
Ian Ulery
3-443 MS
computing offices 1-707H PAB 206-8596 Leon Kopelevich help
1-707I PAB 825-8067 Ian Ulery
conference room 3-703 PAB (data only) Velda Thomas division
electrical closets 3-938A PAB
8353 MS
(none) Leon Kopelevich
Ian Ulery
facilities management (call x59236)
fax machines 6171 KH FAX 206-7254 George Brims irlab
3-435 PAB FAX 206-2096 Velda Thomas division
Graduate Students' office suite 3-534 PAB 825-1618 grads grads
3-540 PAB 825-2925
3-145 A-G KH 794-5582
3-145 N-T KH 825-3172
3-119 KH
3-145V KH
HVAC room 8333 MS (none) facilities management (call x59236)
IR lab 6164 KH 825-4847 James Larkin irlab
6171 KH
6172 KH
825-1666 Ian McLean
machine shops 49B HB 825-1686 Ted Aliado kinsey
49C HB 825-1686 Ken Magnone
mail/copier room 3-904 PAB (none) Velda Thomas division
planetarium 8224 MS 206-9584 Velda Thomas (TBA)
reading room (library) 3-326 PAB (data only) Velda Thomas division
remote observing room(internal access only) 3-145 KH 206-1620 Velda Thomas  
solar archives 1901 MS 825-9939 Roger Ulrich lwerden
solar tower 150' MW 626-440-1119 Roger Ulrich mtwilson
STACEE lab 4173 KH 206-8573 Rene Ong staceelab
telescope (6") 9114D MS (none) James Larkin larkin
telescope (14") 9114A MS
telescope (16") 9318C MS
telescope (24") 9114B MS
telescope (solar) 9318D MS


  • Locations:

  • KH = Knudsen Hall
  • HB = Humanities Building
  • MS = Mathematical Sciences
  • MW = Mt. Wilson (Observatory)
  • PAB = Physics Astronomy Building
  • E-mail:

  • To get the complete e-mail address, append @astro.ucla.edu to the name listed in the column (except for those between parentheses, which are not addresses, but comments).

  • The e-mail address listed will reach all the people at that location, and not the contact listed to the left (see mailing lists).