Tuesday Lunch Talk

Astrophysics Tuesday Lunch Talks will be held virtually via Zoom for Fall 2020.

Coordinators:  Anna Ciurlo, Matt Hosek, Guido Roberts-Borsani

Fall 2020 Schedule

September 29 at 1:00 PM Pacific time

speaker name: Luke Bouma
institution: Princeton
Two Young Transiting Exoplanets: One Was, One Was Not

Over the first 100 million years of their lives, planetary systems undergo major changes.  Rocky planetesimals collide.  Atmospheres are accreted and lost.  Dynamical interactions shape and tilt planetary orbits.  After summarizing ongoing observational efforts aimed at discovering young exoplanets, I will motivate and discuss two specific questions.  First: what is the youngest hot Jupiter that exists?  I will present PTFO 8-8695b, a long-standing 10 Myr old candidate hot Jupiter that is probably a rare class of variable star.  Combined with other recent work, the story of PTFO 8-8695b suggests that approximately zero hot Jupiters younger than 100 Myr have been securely identified.  The second question is: what can observations teach us about how close-in Neptunian-mass planets form and evolve?  This topic will be explored through the discovery and validation of a 40 Myr old Saturn-sized planet, TOI 837b. The planet's host star is bright enough to enable measurements of the stellar obliquity, the planet's mass, and potentially the planet's atmospheric mass loss.  These avenues of characterization, broadly applied to the young planets being discovered with TESS and K2, will likely improve our understanding of the processes that produce the observed exoplanet population.



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