This guide has been superseded by that found on the main printing page, and is no longer relevant. (MM 2006/01)

Adding Printers for Windows 2000 Professional.

Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Printers ->

Select “Add Printer”

Click “Next”

Select “Local Printer” but uncheck “Automatically detect and install my Plug and Play printer.”

Select “Create a new port” option. Highlight the “Standard TCP/IP Port” option

Click “Next”

For the “Printer Name or IP Address” field enter one of the following from the Port column: (The "Port Name" will fill in automatically, leave it alone.")

Note that you may have to append the domain name to the printer name if your computer does not already have it in its network identification.

Port Name Type Settings
lj8100dn q8105 LaserJet 8100 PS Duplex Installed, 28-35 mb ram, Flip on long edge
clj4550dn q8105c C LaserJet 4550 PS Duplex Installed, 64-95mb ram, Tray3 Installed, Flip on long edge
lj4mpnu q8125 LaserJet 4M Plus None
lj4mpop q8145 LaserJet 4M Plus None
dj1600cm q8145c DeskJet 1600CM None
lj4mplus q8145o LaserJet 4M Plus None
lj8000dn q8359 LaserJet 8000 PS Duplex Installed, 24-27mb ram, Flip on long edge
clj4500dn q8359c C LaserJet 4500 PS Duplex Installed, 64-95mb ram, Tray3 Installed, Flip on long edge
lj4050 q8359h LaserJet 4050 Duplex Installed, 8-11mb ram, Flip on long edge
ir5000n q8371 Canon ImageRunner 5000N copier

Click "Finished."

Please wait while Windows installs the port.

In the Manufacturers column, highlight: HP. For the Printers column, scroll and highlight the printer from Type column (above.)

Click "Next"

For Printer name, choose from the Name column (above.)
Setting the default option is your choice.

Click "Next"

Do not share this printer.

Click "Next"

Printing a test page is your choice.

Click Finish.

That's it.