If you need assistance using the following equipment, several graduate students have graciously volunteered to help you (under certain conditions which you should read), as listed below:

  • public laptop ORION (which you pick up in 8145E)
  • public computer projector (which you pick up in 8965)

  • public poster printer (located in 8105)

  • public Macintosh computers (ALBIREO in 8105 and ORANGE in 8359)
  • Save yourself the aggravation of a last-minute panic by contacting the appropriate volunteers sufficiently in advance for you to learn what you need to know (typically, 15-30 minutes).


    It is very important that you understand the philosophy (and limitations) of this volunteer service.

    These volunteers are not employed as system administrators. It is not their job to administer or maintain this equipment. However, as heavy users, they have acquired sufficient personal experience operating it that they are in a position to teach fellow users (who have little or no experience with that hardware) how to get going on it, and to answer most of the questions related to its usage. A typical example would be how to connect the projector to the laptop.

    But you definitely cannot ask them to do something for you that they think is not appropriate for them to handle. Should serious technical issues that they cannot resolve come up, you should absolutely contact the computer support team. The only reason why the computer support team is not directly involved at this (introductory) level is that its members are overwhelmingly busy doing things that no one else knows how to do (such as installing systems, configuring network services, opening accounts, assigning IP addresses, etc), whereas the knowledge required for operational assistance on these devices can be learned from many other people (which can therefore spread the load).

    If you too would like to volunteer to help your colleagues (in these or other categories), please ask to be added to these lists. The computer support team will try to show volunteers how grateful it is for their participation!