The following tape drives (sorted by size/type/model/access) are available.

Access means the primary user of the computer to which the tape drive is attached. Others in the computer owner's group(s) also have access by virtue of having an account on that host.

size type model unit host room access
4 mm DAT - 0 CLOTHO 8923 jura
4 mm DAT - 0 VEGA 8318 moon
4 mm DAT - 0 URANIA 8105E tanner
4 mm DAT DDS-2 0 OSPREY 8370 help
4 mm DAT DDS-3 3 COMA 8125 PUBLIC
4 mm DAT DDS-3 0 INDUS 8359 PUBLIC
4 mm DAT DDS-4 1 MATISSE 8342 shoko
8 mm Exabyte 8500 1 INDUS 8359 PUBLIC
8 mm Exabyte 8500 0 HIGHZ 6164 barczysm
8 mm Exabyte 8500 0 SOFIA 8945 becklin
8 mm Exabyte 8500 0 ATHENA 8935 ghez
8 mm Exabyte 8500 0 MINERVA 8105G mccabe
8 mm Exabyte 8500 0 ANDROMEDA 8917 mclean
8 mm Exabyte 8500 0 TERRA 8979 rmr
8 mm Exabyte 8500 0 PICTORIS 8983 shuping
8 mm Exabyte 8500 2 URANIA 8105E tanner
8 mm Mammoth 8900 2 COMA 8125 PUBLIC
8 mm Mammoth 8900 6 SERVER 8370 help
1/2 in DLT 7000 1 SERVER 8370 help
1/2 in Ultrium LTO 0 ARTEMIS 8105H seth
1/2 in Ultrium LTO 0 FIRE 8370 root

Device names

The Solaris device name is /dev/rmt/#, where # is the unit listed above.

The single-letter density options that can follow # are: c(ompressed), h(igh), l(ow), m(edium), u(ltra compressed). Note that some options are not available on some drives.

You can then add a trailing b (for Berkeley behavior) and/or n (for no rewind) to that, which is recommended.

Example: /dev/rmt/0ubn

Cleaning tapes

For private drives, you should request a cleaning tape from the owner of the drive.

For public drives, one should be available near COMA for DAT and Mammoth drives, and near INDUS for Exabyte drives. Otherwise, you will have to go to 8370 to borrow one. (Do not forget to mark them as having been used one more time each time you run them through.)

Important information about Mammoth drives:

The Mammoth 8900 drives can write only to 170-m AME Mammoth tapes (although they can read older Exabyte tapes), which cannot be read by older drives (e.g., Exabyte 8500). Please do not try to write to older tapes on those drives or you will wear them out and accomplish nothing else.