Before you can use (a new version of) StarOffice, you need to set it up once in your home directory. You do this by typing the command soffice-setup (or new-soffice-setup for the new version during the Sun software transition), which will bring up a series of Windows-style screens (whose sequence may vary slightly depending on your situation).

Click on Next or Accept for the first few ones.

If you had previously used an earlier version of StarOffice, you will be prompted to import your personal data from a pre-selected directory. Accept this choice to put your existing documents and settings in your working directory for the new version.

On the next screen you can choose the type of installation. Just leave the default (``Workstation Installation'') selected and click on Next.

You are then asked in what directory you want to install the software (default is ~/staroffice6.0). Type in any path of your choice under your home directory and click on Next. (If the directory you gave does not exist, it will ask you whether to create it for you; click on Yes.)

Now click on Install, but you are not done...

The following screen asks you about Java stuff. It should tell you that it has detected a version already installed on the file systems, which will be highlighted. If there is more than one, select the one with the highest version; then click OK. This will trigger the actual installation which takes a few seconds/minutes.

Finally, click on OK and on Complete on the next two screens (ignoring the warning about ``Adabas'') and you are done.

Note that there is no need to register anymore!

After this initial setup, you can use the software by typing soffice (although it is recommended that you first logout if you are using the CDE window manager). The first time you do, you will be asked about some personal settings. It is up to you to decide whether you want to use that feature.

More information can be found on Sun's StarOffice web page.