Here are the software packages that we maintain for Sun systems (in addition to generic UNIX utilities that come with the operating system).

NOTE: See the Sun software transition web page for updated information not included here about select software packages.

To run a given package, type the command listed in the third column (where appropriate). Brackets around the user commands indicate that the software is for the super-user/operating system only and/or that it does not appear in regular users' default $PATH. All those commands are located under /usr/local/bin/ except as noted (e.g. PKZIP).

Uppercase package names indicate commercial (i.e. not free) software (or one that requires a license).

A version number in italics indicates that an old version is intentionally kept available even though newer (non-beta) versions exist (and may actually be installed). They may or may not be upgraded when working ulterior versions become available.

NOTE: Most software packages stopped being updated around June 2001. It is unlikely that they will ever be updated again (before all systems are upgraded to Solaris 9, where the latest versions will be available), unless a special request is made--see next paragraph.

If there is a package not listed above (or a newer version of one that is listed) that you would like to see installed, please request it.

Please note that IRAF packages, PERL modules, and TeX macros are listed on separate web pages.

package version user commands description/comments last change
aalib 1.2 several: aa* graphics library 2000-05-16
abiword 0.7.12 AbiWord OR abiword document processing (online documentation) 2000-12-27
[5 licenses]
3.02 distill PostScript to PDF file converter (online help)
[5 licenses]
3.01 acroexch limited PDF file editor (online help)
acrobat reader 5.0.8 acroread PDF file viewer (online help) 2003-12-21
aips 31DEC02 aips radio-astronomy data processing (special instructions) 2003-03-10
aips++ 1.7 source $AIPS/aipsinit.csh; aips++ radio-astronomy data processing 2002-10-15
analog 4.16 [analog] web server tool 2001-03-19
apache 1.3.28 [httpd AND] logresolve AND htpasswd (and others) web server (online documentation) 2003-07-24
apt 13.0.1 APT AND StarView AND VTT astronomy document preparation (will NOT run under SunOS 5.6) 2003-12-21
astron1 (2000-12-30) (none) IDL modules for astronomy (online help) 2000-12-31
autoconf 2.54 autoconf (and more) programming tools 2002-10-17
automake 1.7 aclocal AND automake programming tools 2002-10-17
bash 2.05a bash AND bashbug shell 2002-02-14
bind 9.2.2-P3 dig AND host AND nslookup [AND more] DNS server (online documentation) 2003-09-23
binutils 2.13 (several) UNIX commands 2002-10-15
bison 1.75 bison programming tool 2002-12-09
[1 license]
5.0.2 (unknown) application server (only on MOTHERLODE) 2002-10-08
bzip2 1.0.2 several: bz* AND bunzip2 UNIX tool 2002-10-09
cdrtools 1.9 cdrecord (and others) CD burner 2000-12-22
cfitsio 2.470 cookbook AND fitscopy AND listhead AND speed astronomy FITS library (online documentation: C and FORTRAN) 2003-12-21
cgis 4.1 uidl astronomy data analysis (online documentation) 2003-10-30
ciao 2.2.1 source $CIAO/bin/ciao.csh astronomy data analysis 2002-03-22
communicator 4.04 communicator.old internet browser (may not be used in / transferred to some foreign countries) 2001-11-27
4.79 communicator 2002-05-16
cvs 1.11.5 cvs AND cvsbug AND rcs2log programming tool 2003-01-23
(Berkeley) db2 2.7.7 several: db_* database utility (online manual) 2000-03-10
ddd 3.3.8 ddd debugger 2004-01-23
diffutils 2.8.1 gcmp AND gdiff AND gdiff3 AND gsdiff UNIX commands 2002-10-16
ds9 3.0b7 ds9 image data processing for astronomy 2003-12-21
emacs 21.1 emacs (and others) editor 2001-11-03
enscript 1.6.1 enscript (and others) text file converter 1999-06-07
explorer [explorer] Solaris administrative tool 2002-05-06
fileutils 4.1 (many, of the form: gCOMMAND) UNIX commands 2001-05-14
find ddos 4.2 [find_ddos] network security tool 2001-01-13
findutils 4.1 gfind AND glocate AND gupdatedb AND gxargs UNIX commands 2000-12-12
flash 5.0r55 (see /usr/local/pkg/flash/README) web browser plugin 2002-08-10
flex 2.5.4a flex AND flex++ programming tool
freetype4 1.3.1 several: ft* font library
fvwm 2.2.4 fvwm2 AND Fvwm* AND xpmroot window manager
gcc3 3.2.1 gcc AND c++ AND g++ AND g77 AND gjar (and more) compilers 2002-11-28
gdb 6.0 gdb debugger 2004-01-20
gdbm 1.8.0 (none) database tools 2000-05-12
ghostscript 7.04 gs (also: gs*) PostScript / PDF interpreter (online documentation) 2002-03-18
dvipdf AND pdf2ps AND ps2ascii AND ps2pdf (and more) PostScript / PDF converter
ghostview 1.5 ghostview PostScript / PDF file viewer 1999-06-06
gimp6 1.2.1 gimp AND gimptool graphics design 2001-02-09
glib/gtk+ 1.2.10 glib-config AND gtk-config programming tool 2002-03-20
gnuplot 3.7 gnuplot graphical data analysis 1999-08-27
(GNU) grep 2.4.2 gegrep AND gfgrep AND ggrep UNIX commands 2000-12-18
groff 1.18.1 groff (and others) document formatting 2002-10-16
gzip 1.2.4a gzip (also: z*) file (de)compression
hpnp D.06.21 [several] print server
IDL (users)
[40 licenses]
4.0.1 idl4 graphical data analysis 2001-01-09
5.4 idl
idlwave 4.8 (none) emacs mode for IDL 2001-03-15
imtools 3.0 several: im* image analysis
[1 license]
9.21 (various) database (only on MOTHERLODE) 2002-10-04
international fonts (GNU) 1.2 (see note 6 below) X Windows fonts
internet explorer 5 SP1beta iexplorer web browser 2001-06-08
ir lab (none) nirspec_efs AND qlook image processing for astronomy 2003-09-11
iraf 2.11.3b cl (and others) image processing for astronomy (special instructions, packages) 2002-02-15
ispell 3.1.20 ispell (and others) spelling tool
java 1.4.1_03 java AND javac (and others) compiler (online documentation) 2003-06-10
[1 license]
9 jbuilder (and others) Java-related tool (only on MOTHERLODE) 2003-09-2?
jetprint (1998-07-03) jetprint graphical printing interface (only on PRINTERS)
john the ripper 1.6 [john] (and others) UNIX security tool
jpeg 6b cjpeg AND djpeg AND jpegtran AND rdjpgcom AND wrjpcom JPEG file tools/library
jobserve 1.7.0 jobserve astronomy document preparation (online documentation) 2003-12-21
kerberos 5 1.2.2 (many, of the form: kCOMMAND) UNIX security tool 2001-04-18
kermit 7.0.197 kermit communication tool
latex2html 99.1 latex2html TeX to HTML converter
less 381 less AND lesskey text file viewer 2003-12-21
libpng 1.0.11 (none) graphics library 2001-05-11
libraster 30dec93 clear_colormap (and others) X Windows utilities
libstroke 0.4 stroke_test X Windows library
liveconnect (netscape plugins) 3.0b5 (see in /usr/local/pkg/liveconnect/) web browser plugin tool 2002-04-17
lsof 4.56 [lsof] UNIX tool 2001-05-07
lynx 2.8.3rel.1c lynx internet browser
lyx 1.0.1 lyx AND reLyX document processing
(GNU) m4 1.4 gm4 UNIX utility 2000-12-12
(GNU) make 3.80 gmake UNIX compilation tool 2002-10-16
maplay 1.2 maplay MPEG-1 audio player
[3 licenses]
4.1 math AND mathematica advanced calculcator 2001-11-27
miriad 3.1.0 (2002-11-04) source $MIR/MIRRC; miriad radio-astronomy data processing 2002-11-06
mkisofs 1.13 mkisofs CD burner (tutorial) 2000-12-22
mpack 1.5 mpack AND munpack MIME file converter
mpage 2.5.2 mpage AND msample text / PostScript file converter 2002-10-16
mpeg3play 0.9.6 mpeg3play MPEG-1 (MP3) audio player
mpeg_lib 1.3.1 mpegtest MPEG-1 video library
mpeg_play 2.4 mpeg_play MPEG-1 video player
mpg123 0.59r mpg123 MPEG-1/MPEG-2 audio player
navigator 3.03 navigator.old internet browser (may not be used in / transferred to some foreign countries) 2001-11-27
4.08 navigator 2002-04-18
nenscript 1.13.3 nenscript text file converter 1999-09-16
netpbm 9.0 (too many to list here) image file conversion 2001-05-12
nmap 3.00 [nmap AND nmapfe] network security tool 2002-09-28
[1 license]
2.08 cd /opt/nr/lib (libraries) scientific library (only on GATEWAY; important information)
cd /opt/nr/src (sources)
openssl 0.9.7a openssl (AND c_rehash) encryption 2003-03-07
(GNU) patch 2.5.4 gpatch UNIX tool
patchdiag (xref) 1.0.4 [patchdiag] Solaris administrative tool
perl 5.8.0 perl (and others) programming language (modules) 2002-09-28
pgp 6.5.8 pgp encryption tool (may not be used in / transferred to some foreign countries)
pgplot 5.2.2 (see note 5 below) graphics code library (online manual and tutorial) 2001-03-20
pine 4.58 pine AND pico [AND more] mail/news client 2003-09-11
pit 2004A.03 PIT astronomy document preparation (online information) 2003-12-21
[1 license]
2.51 /opt/pkzip/pkzip25 file compression (only on GATEWAY; online manual)
plugger 4.0 plugger (see also note 7 below) web browser plugin 2002-04-18
[5 licenses]
4.2.2 [several] UPS management (only on GATEWAY and SERVER)
prngd 0.9.24 [prngd] encryption related tool 2002-03-13
procmail 3.21 procmail AND mailstat (and more) mail utility 2001-07-02
psutils 17 psmerge AND pstops (and more) PostScript file utility
python 2.2.1 python AND pydoc programming language 2002-04-16
qpopper 4.0.5 popauth [AND popper] (POP) mail server 2003-03-13
radius 2.1 [radiusd] (and others) dialin authentication (only on GATEWAY)
readline 4.2 (none) command line editing library 2001-05-08
real player 5.0 rvplayer streaming audio / video player (online help)
8.0 realplay 2001-01-13
rplay 3.3.2 rplay AND rptp audio system
rps2 12.0 RPS2 AND start-RPS2-servers astronomy document preparation 2003-12-21
saint 3.2.1 [./saint] network security tool 2001-07-04
saoimage 1.35.1 saoimage graphical data analysis for astronomy 2003-12-21
saord 1.9.1 saotng AND assist AND ncl AND xdir AND xtext AND xpa* graphical data analysis for astronomy (useful info)
scsiinfo 4.7beta [scsiinfo] UNIX tool 2001-02-12
sendmail 8.9.3p3 [several] (SMTP) mail server 2003-09-18
sh-utils 2.0 (many, of the form: gCOMMAND) UNIX commands 2000-12-12
skycal 5 skycalc AND skycalendar astronomical database interface 2001-03-15
skyview (2002-01-28) skvbatch astronomical database interface (details; tutorial) 2002-03-22
sm 2.4.7 sm graphical data analysis (online manual)
smart 5.0 smart infrared astronomy data processing (online users guide) 2003-10-29
spot 9.0.3 spot astronomy document preparation (online documentation) 2004-01-16
ssh (patches) 1.2.33 scp AND slogin AND ssh AND ssh-*1 [AND sshd AND make-ssh-known-hosts] encrypted remote copy / login / shell (V.1) 2001-11-26
2.4.0 scp2 AND sftp2 AND ssh2 AND ssh-*2 [AND sshd2] encrypted remote copy / ftp / shell (V.2) 2002-03-18
staroffice (and player) 5.2 soffice Sun's Microsoft Office clone (special instructions) 2003-05-05
startool (2001-01-03) startool image analysis for astronomy 2001-01-18
starview 5.4b xstarview image viewer for astronomy 1999-11-12
stgms 4.01 stgms STScI accounting (FAQ) 2003-12-20
sudo 1.6.6 sudo [AND visudo] UNIX tool 2002-04-28
sysconfig 1.1 [sysconfig] UNIX tool 2002-04-15
(GNU) tar (beta) 1.13.25 gtar [AND grmt] UNIX tool 2002-10-09
tcl/tk 8.3.3 tclsh AND wish programming languages (online documentation) 2001-04-22
tcp wrappers 7.6 [several] UNIX security tool
tcsh 6.12.00 tcsh shell 2002-11-28
tetex/texmf 1.0.7 / 1.0.2 tex AND latex AND dvips AND xdvi (and many more) document processing (online manual; macros) 2000-01-10
texinfo 4.2 several: *info AND texi* documentation system 2002-10-15
textutils 2.1 (many, of the form: gCOMMAND) UNIX commands 2002-11-06
tgif 4.1.40 tgif graphics design 2001-02-08
tiff 3.5.5 tiff* AND *tiff (and more) graphics library / tools (online documentation)
tiny tim 6.1a tiny1 AND tiny2 AND tiny3 AND makemaps astronomy data processing 2003-12-21
top 3.5b12 top UNIX utility
traceroute 1.4a12 [traceroute] network debugger 2001-01-13
transfig 3.2.3c transfig AND fig2dev (AND others) graphics file conversion
unzip 5.50 several: *unzip* AND zip* file decompression 2002-10-09
vflib 2.25.1 several: VFlib2-config AND ktest AND *index font library
webjetadmin 6.1 [hpwebjetd] network printer administration
wget 1.7 wget internet browser 2001-06-14
whirlgif 3.04 whirlgif GIF file tool
Windows media player 6.3 wmplayer streaming audio / video player 2002-03-23
wip 2.3 wip graphical data analysis (online manual) 2000-12-21
wu-ftpd 2.6.2 [several] FTP server 2002-04-19
x11iraf 1.3.1 ximtool (and others) IRAF related display tools 2003-03-07
xanim 2.80.2 xanim (AND flatten) multimedia player 2002-03-20
XAUDIO 1.0.5 mxaudio (AND xaudio AND rxaudio) MP3 audio player (no license)
xcalendar 4.0 xcalendar graphical calendar
xdelta 1.1.3 xdelta AND xdelta-config programming library (online documentation) 2002-03-20
xdir 2.1.2 xftp (due to conflict with SAOrd xdir) UNIX utility (man page) 2000-12-22
xemacs (packages) 21.1.14 (2002-03-29) xemacs (and others) editor 2001-02-08 (2002-04-23)
xephem 3.5.2 xephem astronomy data viewer 2001-11-06
xeyes (unknown) xeyes X Windows application
xfig 3.2.3c xfig graphics design (online manual)
xforms 0.89 fd2ps AND fdesign X Windows library
xgrasp 1.7d xgrasp AND glib video player
xiraf 3.11 xiraf IRAF script 2001-11-01
xkeycaps 2.46 xkeycaps X Windows utility
xmeter 1.15 xmeter X Windows application
xmgr 4.1.2 xmgr (and others) graphics design (online manual)
xmorph 2001feb22 xmorph AND morph image processing 2002-10-30
xpbiff 1.27 xpbiff X Windows application
xpa 2.1.4 several: xpa* image data processing for astronomy 2003-12-21
xplay 0.7 xplay audio player
xpm 3.4k (4.11) cxpm and sxpm pixmap library
xrn 9.02 xrn graphical USENET reader
xrsh/xrlogin 5.8 xrsh AND xrlogin remote shell / login for X Windows
xsimbad 1.10 xsimbad astronomy database interface
xv 3.10a xv (and others) image viewer (online manual)
zip 2.2 several: zip* file compression
zlib 1.1.4 (none) file compression library 2002-03-13


(1) This package is updated only in conjunction with IDL (unless otherwise requested).

(2) This package is updated only in conjunction with sendmail.

(3) This package is not expected to work well under SunOS versions other than 5.6. To use an experimental version under SunOS 5.7, put /s/dynamo/help/bin at the beginning of your $PATH. For SunOS 5.8, do the same with /s/indus/help/bin.

(4) This package is updated only in conjunction with vflib.

(5) See what $PGPLOT_DIR is set to, and add the following flags to your compilation line (in this order):

(or another PGPLOT library, e.g.: cpgplot).

(6) To use the international fonts with your X window display, type (or add to your ~/.xinitrc or equivalent):

	xset +fp /usr/local/share/emacs/fonts ,
		 /usr/local/share/emacs/fonts/bdf ,
		 /usr/local/share/emacs/fonts/Type1 ,
on a single line, followed by:
	xset fp rehash
For the GIMP fonts, do similarly:
	xset +fp /usr/local/share/gimp/fonts

(7) In order to use this plugin, you must copy the file /usr/local/pkg/plugger/ into ~/.netscape/plugins/ (creating that directory if it doesn't already exist), and the file /usr/local/pkg/plugger/pluggerrc into ~/.netscape/ and edit it to have all the file types that you want displayed through the plugin. See man plugger (or the software's web page) for details.