In addition to traditional Sun server and workstations, we have a dozen terminals known as Sun Ray 1 (with 21" monitors).

They are managed by a Sun Ray server (currently named FIRE) over a private network. These terminals are similar to X terminals, in that they have no CPU, but run desktop sessions from remote workstations on the (public) local network, effectively putting a virtual workstation (minus its removable media or peripherals) on your desk.


When a Sun Ray terminal first comes up (e.g. when their server is rebooted), you get a login window for FIRE (the server). However, you cannot login on FIRE because regular users do not have an account on the server.

Instead, you have to click on the Options menu and select Remote Login. You can then choose either Enter Host Name... or Choose Host from List... Do not choose SunRay, as this is FIRE's name on the private network (so the same restriction as above applies).

In either case, the host you choose should be determined as follows.

  • If you are working with someone who owns their own Sun computer, you should pick that one (see list).

  • Otherwise, you should check the number of users on COLUMBA, INDUS, and PHOENIX, and pick the one with the lowerst number of users at the time.

    It is sometimes necessary to reset the Sun Ray server's X Windows server in order to clear display problems on individual Sun Ray terminals. This may cause active sessions to be terminated on other terminals as well, so you could find yourself suddenly logged out even though everything seemed to be going fine for you. Keep that in mind if you typically remain logged in to a Sun Ray terminal ``after hours''...

    Below is a (mostly technical) table of our Sun Rays, intended primarily for management purposes.

    display # hostname address nickname user room
    :25 SunRay11 07 violet ahenry 8135E
    :23 SunRay06 2a silver schwartz 8105J
    :5 SunRay01 2c indigo amy 8135A
    :2 SunRay09 3d yellow howard 8125D
    :3 SunRay03 44 green quinn 8135D
    :24 SunRay04 5e red (TBA) 8125C
    :26 SunRay10 76 salmon rmallery 8125C
    :22 SunRay08 97 lavender sgall 8907
    :21 SunRay02 9f pink xchen 8135D
    :4 SunRay05 b8 blue mauerhan 8135B
    :27 SunRay12 c9 (TBA) erincds 8117B
    :20 SunRay07 df azure steveb 8135B


  • Display numbers are subject to change after each reboot of the Sun Ray server.

  • Hostnames are subject to change after each power-cycling of a Sun Ray device.
  • (Consequently, the information in the two corresponding columns in the table above may not reflect the current situation.)

  • Addresses listed are the last 2 characters of the hardware address.

  • Nicknames are colors chosen by the first person to use a given terminal (which may later be allocated to someone else). They are used to make it easier to refer to each terminal.

    Future colors may be chosen from the following list: aquamarine, beige, brown, chartreuse, chocolate, coral, crimson, cyan, fucshia, gold, gray, ivory, khaki, lemon, magenta, maroon, navy, olive, orchid, peach, plum, purple, rose, sand, slate, tan, teal, turquoise, wheat.