Here is a complete list of mailing lists/aliases in the domain (except for the campus emergency notification one, which we keep undocumented).

To create your own mailing list, please use the UCLA listserv.

Bold entries are for general use. Entries in italic are not intended for general use (except by specific individuals or system administrators).

You can join/leave underlined lists by request.

FAQ: How to find out who is on a list.

  • a180: astro 180 student accounts
  • aips: AIPS users
  • all: current members of the Astronomy division (= faculty + staff + students + visitors)
  • alumni: former members of the Astronomy division (currently disabled)
  • chairman: chairman of the Physics & Astronomy department
  • computing: computing committee members
  • department: Physics department administrator
  • dewar: Friday afternoon Astronomy division gathering notices
  • dewer: same as dewar above (for historical reasons)
  • directory: reports of Astronomy division personel changes
  • division: Astronomy division office (administrator and assistant)
  • facilities: contacts for notices from Facilities Management
  • faculty: Astronomy faculty ( = lecturers + postdocs + professors + researchers)
  • grads: Astronomy graduate students
  • help: computer support staff
  • hostmaster: DNS administrator
  • hpc: high-performance computing programmers
  • info: people responding to general external inquiries
  • inventory: reports of equipment order/receiving/move
  • irlab: members of the InfraRed imaging detector LABoratory
  • kinsey: machine shop in Kinsey Hall
  • knudsen: groups with Astronomy computers in Knudsen Hall labs ( = irlab + staceelab)
  • lecturers: Astronomy lecturers
  • linux: Linux administrators
  • meetings: announcements of upcoming meetings (same as talks below)
  • mtwilson: users located at Mt. Wilson
  • others: miscellaneous users not formally in Astronomy division (not included in all)
  • postdocs: Astronomy postdocs
  • professors: Astronomy professors
  • really-everyone: all + alumni + others + users-unknown
  • researchers: Astronomy researchers (other than lecturers/postdocs)
  • solarchive: members of the Solar Archive project
  • staceelab: local members of the STACEE collaboration
  • staff: Astronomy staff and Physics staff with accounts
  • students: Astronomy students (grads + undergrads)
  • talks: announcement of upcoming talks/seminars (same as meetings above)
  • ugrads: Astronomy undergaduate students [incomplete list]
  • undergrads: same as ugrads above (for historical reasons)
  • vice-chair: head of the Astronomy division
  • visitors: short-term temporary Astronomy division members
  • webmaster: contact person(s) for Astronomy web site
  • ws: workstudies
  • SEE ALSO: UCLA Emergency