Q: Why are some e-mail messages from/to me not getting through (blocked Subject: lines)?

In order to stop some virulent e-mail viruses from reaching your mailbox, we have to block messages whose Subject: line contains keywords known to be associated with these viruses. Unfortunately, this affects both incoming and outgoing messages, as well as those whose Subject: line begins with the blocked keyword, even if it has additional text after it.

As of the modification date of this page (see time stamp at bottom), Subject: lines that begin with the following terms (optionally preceded by Re: or fwd:) result in the message being rejected:

  • A great Shockwave flash movie
  • Delivery Error
  • Error
  • Fw: Life stages text
  • Fw: Naked Wife
  • fwd: Joke
  • Happy AllHallowmas
  • hello
  • Here you have,
  • hi
  • Mail Delivery System
  • Mail Transaction Failed
  • Mothers Day Order Confirmation
  • our private photos
  • Server Report
  • test
  • Unable to deliver the message
  • NOTE: Case does not matter.

    You can get around this limitation by beginning your Subject: line with some punctuation character (other than a blank space or TAB, or Re: or fwd:), followed by the text you had intentionally intended to use; e.g.:

    	Subject: !!our private photos!!

    If you think that one of the phrases above should not be blocked as the first few characters of a Subject: line, please e-mail your arguments for consideration.