Q: Can my computer be connected to the network in our classroom (8349 MS), conference room (8911 MS), or reading room (8361 MS)?

Yes. There are 4 network connections in 8349 MS, 1 in 8911 MS, and 1 in 8361 MS, but they are not live (for security reasons).

In order to be able to communicate with the network from the classroom or conference room, you have to explicitly request that the connection be enabled for the limited time during which you will be needing it.

Although this can easily be done at the last minute, it is recommended that you request it (preferably by e-mail) at least the day before, to save yourself any unnecessary hassle...

In 8349, the connection that will be enabled by default is the one with the long blue wire in the corner between the main blackboard and the 8300 wall (which should be labeled 8349-1).

In 8911, there is an RJ-45 jack is near the door, on the left as you come in (which means you will need an ethernet cable).

In 8361, there is an RJ-45 jack in the middle of the wall with 8359 MS (above the couch).