Q: How can I make more data available through my web pages than can fit within my home directory quota?

You need to put your data on any UNIX disk on our network and create a link to it from within your web pages directory.

For example, if you have a bunch of files in /d/coma/1/$USER/webdata/, you would type the command:

	ln -s /d/coma/1/$USER/webdata ~/public_html/dataset
to make the files in /d/coma/1/$USER/webdata/ available at <http://www.astro.ucla.edu/~$USER/dataset/>

(where $USER is your username, and dataset and webdata are just examples of names, of course).

IMPORTANT: You must be the owner of the files that you link to, in order for them to be accessible on the web.

If you want something other than a listing of the files in that directory to show up, you can create a file called index.html or index.shtml in it (just like with any other ``web directory'').