Q: How can I sort my e-mail messages by size?

On the UNIX command line, type:

	mailx -H | sort -nt/ +1
This will list all the messages in your mailbox by increasing size (so the largest ones are at the bottom of your screen). The first number on each line is the number of the message as it appears in your mailbox when you open it (normally, from oldest to newest), so this is how you can identify and access it.

If you want to do this for a FOLDER other than your incoming/system mailbox in which you had saved messages in the past, simply type:

	mailx -H -f FOLDER | sort -nt/ +1
(replacing FOLDER with the appropriate path of course).

Please note that this may not work for som messages whose headers are mangled (or non-standard) in some way, but those cases are rare, and such messages will most likely end up at the top or bottom of the output from the command above.