Q: How can I login to a Sun workstation other than the one I am sitting at?

If you see the usual Welcome to HOSTNAME CDE login window, but wish to run your X Windows session on a host other than HOSTNAME:

  • pull down the Options menu;

  • pull down the Remote Login submenu;

  • select Enter Host Name... if you know the name of the host you want to use, or Choose Host From List... otherwise;

  • if you picked Enter Host Name..., type in the name of the host you want to use; OR

  • if you picked Choose Host From List..., you will see a list of all available hosts and their recent activity load; click on the line for the one you want to use;
  • wait a few seconds as the screen flashes, until you get the Welcome to OTHERHOST CDE login window (at which point you login as usual).
  • This is useful if you do not have an account on that (privately owned) workstation for example, or if the workstation is too weak to run X Windows locally (as is the case with PULSATOR, where this should always be done).