Q: Can I install a software package (and how do I)?

It depends on the type of computer. However, in all cases, it cannot hurt to consult with (or at least notify) the network administrators after reading the following. (This is especially true if what you want to install is some kind of server.)

  • If you administer the computer where you want to install the software (i.e. you have the Administrator or super-user password, and the network administrators don't), you can go ahead and do it as you want.

  • If you are not that computer's system administrator, there are two possible situations.

  • If the software you want to install does not require system administrator privileges and can be contained to a user's (home) directory, and you will be the only one using it, then you can go ahead and install it yourself in your own directory.

  • In all other cases, you should send e-mail to request that it be installed globally by the system administrators (after checking the appropriate software web page to make sure it is not already installed).
  • If you decide to contact the network administrators after reading this, please mention that you have already read these instructions and provide specific details about your software (such as download location and date needed).